06 August 2014

i wonder what Mr.CoachV would say about this

bears walking upright in new jersey

adia victoria - stuck in the south

joel, i recommend this to you personally.

she's an up and coming nashville kween, and she's very mysterious on the internet so that's all i know about her.

nashville folks, she's playing with those darlins at 3rd + lindsley on the 17th, and i would go if i lived where you do.

check out this BOOTS song featuring Beyonce; this guy is the writer/ producer all over her most recent album

NeRd aLeRt!!!

Ummmm, have you heard about this fancy new Walmart (with neighboring Publix and retail center) that is about to open up next door to The University of Tennessee campus? Part of a new old-looking development called University Crossing. You might remember the actual-old industrial plant called Fulton Bellows that operated on that site until 2005. At least all those students aren't going to have to drive to Turkey Creek anymore.

nErD aLeRt!

aspen art museum, by shigeru ban.

thx emilube!

trend alert : harper lee

did you guys watch last nights RHoNYC reunion (part 2)?

harper lee was discussed.

oooooooh gurrrlllll

this is a rap song by jay-z's alleged mistress. talkin all kinds a trash. read this analysis.

renzo piano gives a good interview about architecture and responding to criticism

in metropolis

PC: Some people have said that the northern fa├žade is not looking as exciting at it could be, that it does not make a enough of a gesture towards the city. How do you respond to that?

RP: First, we have to wait and see, the building is not ready yet, of course. A building like this is like a meteorite, but a gentle one. It does not destroy anything—actually it uplifts. But it lands, and it is something new there. People should wait for the building to be finished and see.

apparently the internet told me 3 times to post this...

so here it is...

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