23 April 2014

my name is sheba.

i'm black and white.

thx nscience!

America's First Cat Cafe

It's a pop up on the Bowery sponsored by Purina One. You can get a cat-accino and look at adoptable cats and get a bunch of cat hair on your pants.

what if there was a panda watching you

i dont like too much eyebrows

this gay dad driving around with his ADORABLE son talking about strawberries and eyebrows and cookies and my heart just melted. via

2048: Beyonce Edition

PLAY! NOW! it's easy: use the arrow keys on your computer (or swipe on your iphone) and match the Beyonce's, try to get to the 11th Beyonce. I keep getting distracted by the pictures but it's great for passing the time! 
thanks blake!

directed by ms. dangles, starring ME

Joel V. Melton - Design Reel from Joel Melton on Vimeo.

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