30 August 2013

29 August 2013


you guys already knew.

this is a picture of me, now.

the best endorsement of all

new york city's favorite rap station, hot97, has endorsed bill de blasio for mayor! and with good reason:
After the de Blasio interview, Rosenberg told the audience he was siding with de Blasio, and rattled off a number of reasons. The first reason Rosenberg stated was de Blasio's focus on the wealth gap in the city. Then he said, "I personally don't like the Christine Quinn-estabishment vibe. I don't like how much she's embraced by Mayor Bloomberg" and, "I want a change from Mayor Bloomberg."
After that, Rosenberg said this: "On top of that, and maybe most importantly, you can't tell me you don't want to have [a mayor] who happens to be white but his wife is black and his kid has the most epic, non-Jewish Jew-fro of all time."
Rosenberg said "all of those reasons are why I'm going to vote for Bill de Blasio." (via)

rim fire in yosemite


do you know where the place we're about to bomb is?

click here and try to guess. (via)

knoxville has a new billboard, everyone.


swiperboy - brick by brick (rise to the top)

skip ahead to 1:05-ish.

28 August 2013

this bus is all...


wiseacre brewing co. is open for business

check out a slideshow here, here, or go visit them in person here. can't wait to drink the beer.

this bear is dead

gus used to be a depressed polar bear in the central park zoo. these days, he is fertilizer. he was depressed after his bear friend Ida died a few years ago.

baby ostriches dancing very merry

thx flim

did you know?

the recently restored masstransiscope.

i stand with the celebs.

and celebs stand with bill de blasio. (joel, keep your eyes peeled for janice!)

i want a new york where i can play tennis for free. #tennisreform

you'll never guess what this baby goat's name is.

it's charlotte. #tailflitters

isn't anyone worried that glass is going to break?!?!

starla, here's today's bagel for your burrito.

the internet says conor maynard is the new justin timberlake. what do you think?

26 August 2013

swiperboy - #brickbybrick

he says it's coming aaaaaanytime now. i have a feeling i'm going to like this one. i'll keep y'all posted.

katie and matt and martha stewart

you guys, 2Pz besties katie vance and matt alexander have been nominated for A MARTHA STEWART AWARD!

specifically, martha's 2013 american made award. please go here and vote as many times as they'll let you (you can vote 5 times a day), and pass it along to all of your friends. the way i see it, once holler design meets martha, i'll have a pretty good chance of dining at her house for thanksgiving. i don't think it's unreasonable.

if you don't know that this week is dumpling week...

...on NPR, now you know.

blas was on the radio this morn.

For three and a half years, Bill de Blasio has been the city’s official gadfly. As Public Advocate, his job has been to point out where the city’s fallen short. And that’s been the primary message of his campaign, up until the last few weeks, when he catapulted to frontrunner status in polls. Now, he’s trying to show voters he also knows how to run things. (via)

kevin spacey is on your side.

Leave it to Kevin Spacey, the first actor in the Edinburgh International Television Festival's 37 year history to deliver the keynote James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture, to outline everything that's wrong with the mindset of today's TV execs.
The House of Cards star had plenty of ammunition to demonstrate definitively that the anti-tech approach will eventually result in the old guard's demise, unless viewers are allowed to determine the means of consumption. (via)

american horror story : coven

thomas wilhelm just showed me all the teasers for season three!

who's excited!!?!?

did you watch the VMAs?

here's all that mattered:

if you want to know more, click here and here.

23 August 2013

21 August 2013

today in, "did you know i'm gay?"

this guy.

important information about your netflix queue

  If you live in the United States and are a Netflix Streaming subscriber, you've long been able to save movies and TV shows for later viewing on your Instant Queue. As of today, there is no longer an Instant Queue option for streaming customers — it has been replaced by something called "My List," in which Netflix's recommendation algorithm organizes your options into the items you are most likely to want to view immediately. The change is an attempt to make life easier for international Netflix Streaming users, who have long lacked an "Instant Queue"–like function. 

If you are a U.S. Netflix Streaming user who (like myself) enjoyed accessing your queue on a computer or laptop and manually managing your list, all you have to do off the Netflix homepage is click on the "See All" link next to the "My List" heading, and then click "Change Order to Manual" in the upper right corner. via

a minor setback

according to today's new york times, 2Pz preferred mayoral candidate bill de blasio is a boston red sox fan for some reason. but none of that matters, because here he is pictured with cynthia nixon. celebs! bring out rojo caliente!

20 August 2013

help the knoxville zoo name their baby red pandas

you can submit suggestions for the name-the-red-pandas contest right HERE!

and don't bother submitting "chips and salsa", "cherry and blossom", "noodles and dumpling" or "pat and phil", because i've already taken care of those.

and i believe bun-bun's on top of "ching chong and ping pong"....

hollaback app

has anyone ever caught your attention on the street with the clear intention of making your shit day even more shitty? something about your outfit or sexuality or big butt or bust size? well now New York City has a streamlined app called hollaback that will allow you to swiftly file a formal complaint that will be processed and collected to create a network of empowered victims.

download that bitch and get to reporting! things are worse than ever!

martha stweart is getting her hair did

introducing....SUNNY OBAMA!!!

thx deej!

16 August 2013

two words : cat donuts.


thx nxcience!


this one is called "floridora", in honor of liz's triumphant return to brooklyn, and my subsequent hangover.

arthur ashe gets a roof.

here's a rendering of the proposed roof designs for the various stadiums at the us open tennis center. jicyww.

in china, this dog is actually a lion

In the last two decades, the number of African lions in the world has dropped by nearly half. But not to let a pesky issue like species decline get in the way of their animal offerings, one zoo in China has taken an interesting step to round out their exhibit -- by trying to pass a fluffy dog off as a ferocious lion.
The BBC reports that the zoo, located in Louhe City, enlisted a long, golden-haired Tibetan mastiff as a stand-in for the iconic big cat. For those unfamiliar with what lions are suppose to look like, or who forgot their glasses, the canine's appearance might have been convincing enough, but when the 'lion' opened its mouth, the ruse was quickly up.
According to a report in the Beijing Youth Daily, the fraud came to light when a mother visited the zoo, in a park in the city of Louhe, to show her son the sounds different animals made.
But when they got to the cage marked "African lion" - which had a sign describing the range and characteristics of the animal - they were shocked to hear the creature bark.

did i already post this abomination?

this is what the tigers floor is going to look like this season. more does not mean better, memphis. #nohashtags


do yourself a favor...

...and read this extremely well-written article about the olinguito, a new mammal species!

15 August 2013

this town is cute!

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive


spirit animal

omg listen to this, thomas wilhelm pretended to be named joan and called in to NY1 to talk about his views on the mayoral race

he couldn't be weirder.

david sedaris is not that hunky


lookin' real good, boiz!

more valerie june

have you been listening to the album on repeat the way i have? so good. if you want to know more about her backstory, twerk on this memphis flyer cover story.

16 DAYS!!!

Tennessee will officially unveil a new alternative football uniform later this afternoon that features a shadowy charcoal gray jersey and pants complemented by orange numbers and checkered undershirts.
The new uniform represents a much more dramatic shift than the smaller, cosmetic changes released last month.
Adidas posted a photo of the new look on its website this morning. The Volquest website was first to report the new uniform earlier Thursday. The Vols will officially unveil the gray uniforms at the team's annual preseason media day at 3 p.m. (via)
the gray color is called "smokey". H2D if you ask me!!!!

14 August 2013

new throwing shade!

today in "i didnt know you could do that"

also from jenny. thx jenny.

UPDATE! rebekah the raccoon.

Mark Brown has made a name for himself and his pet raccoon Rebekah by uploading YouTube videos of the two sharing showers, dancing to "Chain of Fools," and generally enjoying each other's company.
But all that came to a chattering halt last week after Brown received a visit from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, which promptly took the animal away. (via)
this is VERY upsetting. 


thx jenny!

trend alert : #teamdeblasio

get caught up with 2Pz favorite mayoral candidate, bill de blasio, and his rise to the top of the polls. #brickbybrick

read this front page new york times profile and this huffington post profile.

then watch christine quinn and anthony weiner throw shade at each other during last night's debate.

the very best present a jewish mother can buy her son as he enters manhood

a fully choreographed christina aguilera dance routine in front of all of his friends and family. i. am. so. jealous. look how happy he is. no one should ever be allowed to be that happy. via.

trend alert: Bill De Blasio

people are starting to notice that 2pz called this election months ago.

13 August 2013

FYI : there's a mayoral debate tonight!

who's going to bring home chipotle and watch it?!?!

nyc survival guide gifs


never stop petting that corgi

thx ms. dangles

new music - valerie june

new today is this awesome new album from valerie june. she is from memphis, and lived in brooklyn (just like me!) and has a really interesting alt-country sound that you're just going to love. LISTEN.

HAIM - the wire

featuring booth jonathan.

album's out september 30, they say.

12 August 2013

08 August 2013


Laverne Cox, who plays Sophia in Orange is the New Black is an actual trans-woman and is from Mobile (just like thomas wilhelm), and was spotted in the wild in Madison Square Park by me and Kylie. Listen to this NPR interview. She also has a twin brother in real life who (spoiler alert) played Sophia pre-transition on the show (her episode was directed by Jodie Foster).

music minute with Ms. Dangles

keekerz speakerz

introducing dan croll, aka NOT the guy from the "212" video.

EP of the summer!


from her instagram. OMG SHE LOOKS AMAZING. 11 biscuits!!!!!!!!1111111

07 August 2013


the new spike jonze jam, featuring joaquin phoenix, egg adams, and scar jo. sure, i'll see that.

help. hank. help. help. hank. help.


janice soprano is my spirit animal

did you see jay-z's star-studded "performance art" piece?

ctm marina abramovic.

they say jemima kirke got herself thrown out for jumpin' on him.

shark week hijinks

add this to the list of horrors of living in new york.
Just after midnight this morning riders on a Queens-bound N train in New York City — who are fairly used to seeing bizarre things on the subway — were greeted by the ripe, fishy smell of a dead shark. To be clear, there was an actual shark lying on the floor under the subway car's seat. (via)
Actually, subway riders were debating which props were okay to add to a photo of a dead shark. Apparently cigarettes, red bull cans and metro cards are in good taste. "I do think it's disrespectful to do certain things to dead shark corpses," said Juan D. Cano, another Gothamist tipster. "But adding a MetroCard under its fin is not disrespectful."

everybody loves this song


06 August 2013

Caity: She wouldn’t even be surprised or excited to know it was our favorite show ever. though. “Yes, I know it was your favorite show ever. It was my show. I did the show.”

this is a funny account of attending a beyonce concert and trying to sneak into the good seats

what it feels like sometimes - patton oswalt about living in nyc

25 DAYS.

it's that time of year again. football season is peakin' right around the corner. in 25 days, we'll be whole again. one thing you need to know is that UT's new coach (and creator of this season's #brickbybrick motif), butch jones, is this week's sports illustrated cover girl!

also, check out the UTsports jersey countdown. each day, you will get features of all the players who have worn the numbers of how many days until kick-off. genius, really. (i can't wait for 14!!)

anywho, get yourself excited. it's coming!



maria bamford is funny

check it out.

05 August 2013

this mumford & sons video comes with a surprise

watching it involves hearing a mumford & sons song, but i guess its possible to still enjoy it.

03 August 2013


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