21 March 2013

joe jonas sex tape miracle

thanks to the internet, we should soon get to see the following:

  The video features explicit footage of Joe Jonas, 23, and his girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, 28, drinking, doing drugs, and engaging in sex using a number of sex toys and BDSM devices, including dildos, a gag ball, and a slapper paddle.


your move nick jonas.

moleskine comes to time warner center

have you ever found yourself at barnes and noble, borders, target, walmart searching for just the right notebook to hold your doodles and meeting notes and hopes and dreams and recipes?

have you ever noticed how all the ones for sale are some stupid color or have lines or grids or are in some other way exactly not what you want?

never fear, moleskine is opening their first US store in the time warner center for all of your notebook needs.

i've been calling it that for YEARS.

from a little internet number called thug kitchen.



this is the internet.

You are looking at, more or less, a portrait of the internet over an average 24 hours in 2012—higher usage in yellows and reds; lower in greens and blues—created by an anonymous researcher for the "Internet Census 2012" project. (via)

get with the nytimes

someone just figured out that there is a rabid trend spreading out of brooklyn, and it's called "cuntry ladies". guess what, ladies who are not taylor swift who make country music are getting their shit together and making music i want to listen to. and the new york times finally noticed:
Even with the same goal the two take different approaches. Ms. Musgraves’s assault is full frontal. Her indictments come with names, or at least a boatload of identifying details. They’re about the enemy. Ms. Monroe’s, on the other hand, are sung into the mirror. They’re about the enemy within. (via)
listen to kacey "muscovite" musgraves and ashley monroe today!
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