03 January 2012

danger! football is dangerous.


never seen this before


the muscley armed paperboy

zac efron and nicole kidman are here in the poster for some movie they are in. via.

look what happened to my mom

on new years eve, can you believe it.

congrats mom. thanks for being a dedicated reader.

your t shirt is on the way!

kristin wiig is my fav.

that's not nice

But it's a little funny

thx, Laura

2,012 resolutions

My resolution list is pretty long, but getting to be a healthier human being is a common thread among the top 300 or so. Bad news out of England:

"People think they're virtuous with their health by embarking on a liver detox each January with the belief that they are cleansing their liver of excess following the festive break," Andrew Langford, chief executive of the trust said. Instead he suggests resolving to abstain from alcohol a few days a week for the entire year instead." Atlantic

(according to this x-ray I just had done, I'm fine...)


watch an entire new episode here.

hunger games alert!

The soundtrack to "The Hunger Games"
 will feature a bumper crop of new and unreleased songs by Taylor Swift, the Arcade Fire and the Decemberists.
The album will be produced by Grammy-winning producer T Bone Burnett and released before the movie hits theaters on March 23. Burnett and the group the Civil Wars got together to write an original tune for the CD with Swift, the first single, "Safe and Sound," which was released to iTunes on December 23. The tune shot to #1 on the iTunes singles list within 24 hours of release.
Also serving up fresh tracks are the Arcade Fire, who collaborated with Burnett on "Horn of Plenty," and the Decemberists, who've offered up the original song "One Engine." The rest of the lineup has not been released, but according to a press release the soundtrack will feature all new songs based on themes that figure into the movie's storyline. (via)

2Pz movie review

i saw another one. CARNAGE! by roman polanski. it was...

11 biscuits!!!!

go see it. it was so funny.

the universe loves GPP

Max:  ha i just realized you live at 143
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