10 February 2014

speaking of new robyn, here is another new kelis!

speaking of new Kelis, here is a new collaboration between Robyn and fellow Swede Neneh Cherry. smoooth.


this new Kelis

you might not have ever seen this before


I could really use a Cup O'Noodles right now.

Cup Noodles Shoveling Snow Is Heart Melting
A:  To shovel all the chunky snow from NYC

and B: Who wants to visit the !!! Cup Noodles Museum in Japan with me??!!
Cup Noodles Shoveling Snow Is Heart Melting

adorable SEC football player might be the first openly gay man in the NFL

Michael Sam, the 2013 Defensive Player of the Year from Missouri is getting ready for the annual NFL scouting combine. Oh yeah, he is openly gay, and cute. via

follow him on twitter to keep in touch @MikeSamFootball
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