19 October 2010


cute for dayyyyyys.


i really want to use the internet to watch oprah and gayle's big adventure when they traveled across country. im not patient enough for the requisite internet search.

chris pine :: details

chris pine makes a fine coverboy for details magazine. also in the issue, gavin rossdale admits to having had sex with a man.

daily ri ri

only girl in the world, official video. yes please. more.

get well soon TJ Lavin!

the mtv challenge host fell performing a bike trick and is in a coma.

also hot en vogue, anne hathaway

see what i mean? hot. via.

whoa. senator kirsten gillibrand is hot.

from vogue. via. i wish she was my hot gay loving senator. the article is a pretty interesting read too, so check it out.

i just struck internet gold.

murfreesboro magazine's list of most beautiful people (in murfreesboro)! here are some choice bio quotes:

You wouldn’t know it by looking at him now, but this lean firefighter won an ice cream eating contest when he was 10 years old. He relies on the folks at Nexgen Salon to keep him looking great and uses a little hair gel every now and then to spruce up his look.

you sure wouldn't know it!
She does, however, find time to shop at her local favorites including the Avenue and Forever 21. You might also spot her at the MAC counter: She admits she can’t live without MAC Lip Glass or NARS blush and face lotion in her beauty routine. Another secret of this beauty? Making time to catch up on her sleep!

this is not the only time forever 21 is mentioned. i didn't even know we HAD one!
Nikki loves wintry weather and hopes to one day take her two children—ages 7 and 2—to Colorado to show them what a “real” snow looks like. Here in Murfreesboro, she loves to hang out with her friends or her husband at La Siesta and enjoys shopping at New York and Company, Charming Charlie’s and her favorite, Bath and Body Works.

la siesta! you go, girl.

bonus link:
single in the city (!)

in case you dont have a 'ween costume idea

i went to lexington (kentucky) this weekend

i went to lexington this weekend for the pony races at keeneland and then on to watch the outside of the stadium at the university of kentucky while they upset south carolina (who upset alabama last week).
it was a great weekend and i wanted to share some of the flavor with the internet here.

after overserving myself friday night, i was treated to a magical cinnamon breakfast feast complete with mimosas saturday morning.

we are both named joel, but only one of us is divorced. you guess which is which. (bloody mary marks drink number 3 for the day. time is about noon)

the view of the pony show at keeneland. i bet 20 bucks and walked away with 26 bucks. "daddy please" to show in race 2 please. please.

who is that pretty pony with the pretty pink dress on. can i touch it?

toot toot tooooooot. ima blow my whistle before the ponies get in their cages so you know to pay attention to what happense next. after this is over ill be going back to the lollipop guild.

anyway, after we left the pony show we hightailed it over to the university of kentucky to tailgate and continue our drunk. we parked in a secret person's driveway and walked through the secret garden to get to the stadium. i was told that bourbon would be the weapon of the evening.

we made it! the university of kentucky high school. just kidding, it was perfectly nice. me and the hamster (pictured) mixed and spinned all around it.

after the game we ended up dancing the night away at this random hole in the strip mall bar where this guy played some songs. he was announced as a nashville recording artist (natch) and i dont remember anything about him (natch).

the end?

ATTENTION! chloe has an announcement :


mennonites are scary. look how lost they are.

sometimes, no matter how hard you try...

...you'll just never fit in.

another kitty kartoon


jicyww what willow's brother is doing...

...while she's ramping up to world domination.

here he is rapping on a bieber song for his upcoming karate kid movie. keep your eyes peeled for rem koolhaas and herzog + demeuron!

he ain't no willow.


has anyone seen joel?

i'm getting worried.
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