15 September 2011

daily ri ri

look what rihanna said. omg i cant even wait for it.


The tiger and dog have been raised together since they were nine weeks old, they have become inseparable friends. They play together all the time and neither one of them has ever been injured.

oh no there's a bear in my bed



Tennessee won't lot some woman have her I love tofu vanity license plate because they think is reads I love to F-U.  They don't even know what tofu is, how embarrassing.

this is tennessee :: dooley's orange pants

I'm Looking at You Liz...

No one loves this nearly blind ginger baby seal. But don't worry, this seal has been adopted by a "dolphinarium."  [via]

saved by the bells UPDATE

i was eating lunch outside today, and there was some lovely music playing from this tower. they were playing familiar songs (sesame street theme was yesterday), and it turns out you can make requests! oc i had to make a couple one. c2e

I got an email back:

Hi Robert,

Michael has agreed to play Final Countdown today at around 5:55pm.



unfortunately, it's the wrong song. i'll request ROCKY TOP again tomorrow.

it's football time in brooklyn!

manhattan in marble.


a proper tennessee vols post.

(granting them all the respect and attention they deserve)
It appears that another dynamic duo may be on its way in Vol Land.
Sophomores Justin Hunter and Da'Rick Rogers have been sensational through two games this season. They’ve combined for 31 catches, 502 receiving yards and five touchdowns.
They also have one of the hottest quarterbacks in the country throwing to them. Fellow sophomore Tyler Bray leads the SEC in passing with 698 yards, seven touchdowns and no interceptions.
If the three of them were playing basketball right now, the rim would look like a crater on the moon.
That’s how hot they are. (via)
and one more shot of justin hunter packing the bearcats' lunchbox on saturday:

(thx djv)

UPDATE : the "iowa incident"

yesterday, joel did some investigative reporting into the act of terrorism that took place at the tennessee alumni bar this past weekend (never forget).

today, an inside source provided us with a post made on the iowa alumni's facebook page:
One quick note - anyone feeling the need to leave the bar and go cause trouble across the street at Traffic's Tennessee gamewatch should not feel the need to return to Opal. In fact, you won't be allowed back in. Let's just please have a good time together and not disrupt another group's gamewatch or try to vandalize their property. It's not funny. It's embarrassing and classless.
looks like most of those hawkeyes have got their beaks on straight. good luck to them against pitt this weekend. and GO VOLS!

this starts tonight!

what is kismet doing???

i took this little video when i was home for that wedding a few weeks back. kisemt wants to eat my lunch.

blog sneak attack

Melissa: so listen to what im about to do
leave work
drive an hour and half
to go to a visitation for Penny's boyfriend's dad
and then drive right back in order to make an appt by 3:30
so dumb
me: dont do that
hes dead
he wont even notice
Melissa: haha!
but i have to live w penny (until july)
i asked her if she wanted me to come
thinking she would be smart and say, no...of course not
but then she said "yes! it would mean a lot to me"
and i remembered that she was dramatic and i should have known better than to ask
me: omg
Melissa: part of me wants to just n ot go
but im kinda looking forward to skipping work

Don't feel bad, Spirit...

You are just a dumb bird. Apparently 90,000 birds die every year crashing into windows in NYC alone. 

Those are dead birds in that bag, btw...


look closely at this shot captured during the cincinnati game. you'll see number 11, justin hunter aka bones, jumping about 15 feet in the air to block a field goal. his hand is on the football, and his knees are above everyone's head. isn't that something?

i had no idea...

this was inside. get your tix to the beaux arts ball.
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