17 September 2013

according to espn magazine the memphis grizzlies are the best franchise in all of professional sports

The rankings are based on eight categories, including fan feedback, which determines the best franchises for fans; bang-for-the-buck category, which tabulates wins during the past three years (regular season and postseason) per revenue directly from fans and affordability, which accounts for the price of tickets, parking and concessions. Other criteria include championships won or expected in the lifetime of current fans, stadium experience, fan relations, players, coaching, and ownership.

can you guess which celebrity is this hot guy's father?

guess in the comments and don't cheat.

imagine waking up and alicia keys and swizz beatz are having a party in your kitchen

An unnamed Water Mill resident was awoken in the middle of the night recently by an exclusive Alicia Keys party going on in her own house, "Page Six" reports. Keys, husband Swizz Beatz, and posse were renting in the neighborhood but had become "confused" and come home to the wrong house. The resident assumed the noise was coming from her twentysomething daughter and her friends, who had gone out earlier, but instead it was "a number of strangers, men and women" in her kitchen. "She was startled." Luckily, "All parties saw the humor in the mishap." VIA

been there.

have you seen UT's new music building?


your fortnightly boat

parbuckling maneuver : complete!
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