27 November 2012



g-d works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?

this is the christmas party invitation g.animalz and i designed a couple years back...

and this is the album art from cee-lo's recently released christmas album.

ours is better.

what was that awesome building i saw in Argo?

Oh that? That is the Azadi Tower (Freedom Tower) formerly known as the King Memorial Tower, symbol of Tehran. Designed by the Iranian-Canadian architect Hossein Amanat, the Azadi Tower was built in 1971 to commemorate the 2,500th anniversary of the Persian Empire. (photo) This thing is very photogenic.

thanksgiving is OVER.

why not listen to the christmas playlist joel and i made for you last year, out of nothing but the unbridled goodness that lives not-so-deep within our hearts?

it will be growing as the holiday season progresses (the playlist, not the goodness), so you might as well subscribe.


As you now know, Kylie and I saw Argo last night which is based on a true story about how the CIA and Canada used a Hollywood cover story for getting some trapped state department employees out of a very difficult situation in Iran. She found a bunch of other stranger than fiction CIA spy stories (click here), and I came across this bizarre NORTH KOREAN movie called Pulgasari.

Apparently in 1978 under the orders of Kim Jong Il the North Koreans kidnapped a South Korean movie director and used the Japanese Godzilla team to produce a North Korean version with political themes interwoven in the story. Those North Koreans are zany!

daily ri ri

you probably heard about rihanna's 777 tourplane adventure even if you didn't hear about it here. i've been reading about the aftermath, and have refrained from posting about it because frankly nothing people were saying was really that interesting.

but, i read this spin article today and i thought i would share.

what is dharma doing?

just saying what we're all thinking on this wintry mixy day.

thx g!

omg look what the empire state building can do now

that is something 

 The state-of-the-art dynamic lighting system from PCK is unique to ESB and allows customized light capabilities from a palette of over 16 million colors in limitless combinations along with effects previously not possible such as ripples, cross-fades, sparkles, chasers, sweeps, strobes and bursts. In addition to greater control and management of the lighting, the new computerized system will deliver superior light and vibrancy levels in real-time, unlike the previous floodlights.

solange's album cover is very nice.

don't you think?

2Pz movie review

joel and i went to see argo last night...it was 11 biscuits!! 

have you seen it? did you like it? were you wondering how accurate it is? i know i was.
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