18 November 2011

oh brother.

joe paterno has lung cancer.


taken at occupy portland yesterday

that's pepper spray.

In "huh, that's kind of weird, but good for them" news

Busta Rhymes and Mystikal joined Baby's Young Money Records.

Here are some songs they sing.

brace yourself, starla.

re: the twilight sexy scene:
Stewart: Cinematically, cut all together, it’s awesome. I really like it, but we didn’t really do that scene.
Pattinson: And when we did they kept telling us to stop. [laughs]
Stewart: I know! Bill kept going, “Stop thrusting!” [Laughs]...I mean I didn’t actually want to have sex with him on set but....
Pattinson: Why not? [laughs] You can see my butt crack - why does butt crack not make it an R? You see my butt crack the whole time.
Stewart: No, you don’t, They darkened it or something.
Lautner: They shortened it, or I think they erased the crack.
Pattinson: It was really Kristen’s fault it was going R-rated. [To Stewart] Your fancy moves - no one’s seen moves like that in a PG-13 movie! [Laughs]
pipe down, jacob. no one's talking to you.

daily ri ri


speaking of jenny slate.


thx leigh anne!!

daily ri ri

the first track on the new album, and the one ive had on repeat all day long.

that's like herdin' cats

Turns out, cats don't always want to do tricks. Read all about the sport of "feline agility."

a little jenny slate insight.

jenny slate discusses how she gets her news, what tv she watches, and other funny things:
And I oftentimes -- I know this is not the news -- but I do like to watch the Today Show while I’m having my coffee. It makes me feel like everything is just pretty easy. Oftentimes the stories on the Today Show are horrifying, like the baby Lisa story or Casey Anthony. But then when Kathi Lee and Hoda come on, it’s like "do you hate your arm fat" and you’re just like "Yeah!" Kathi Lee seems like she is just having a ball, and I love how they do their show and I love how they have fun cocktails.
On a daily basis, I watch Jem and The Golden Girls. I also love really any of the HBO programming -- it's wonderful. I also watch cooking shows. I like Top Chef and Ina Garten -- I think she rules. But honestly, I can get into such a tailspin with TV. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the only one of the Housewives that I can stand at this point. I can’t handle what is going on with all of those other ladies. I think that they all need to take a big long nap. I find myself watching a lot of the Saturday Night Live reruns every now and then in the afternoon when I’m vaccuming. But I haven't watched the live show this season -- it's not on purpose, I love SNL. It was always my favorite show growing up; it will always be one of my favorite shows. I just haven’t had a chance because, you know, I like to party on Saturday nights.
she's so cool, and could definitely be our 3rd PzNaPpod.

daily ri ri


the 99% bat signal

Mark Read: It came up at an action coordination meeting. We were talking about what to do on the 17th, about the decentralized way the day would progress, attacking the exchange from different angles. We had a sense that the morning on Wall Street would be forceful and confrontational, and we wanted to not do the same kind of thing in the afternoon. Initial talks focused on having a thousand people taking the bridge in the afternoon, and continuing in a militant mode of activism. But we started thinking about creating a more unifying moment. A celebration of the birthday of Occupy Wall Street. Maybe taking the roadway and having lots of arrests might not be best thing. What if we took the pedestrian walkway, and gave out LED candles? We would give out 10,000 LED tea candles, a river of light streaming over the walkway.
And a guy named Hero, who has been central to a lot of facets of the occupation since the beginning, turns to me and says, "We need a bat signal. The 99%."
I said, I think I can do that. I know just enough about how the technology works that I think I can pull that off. And for the past two weeks, I've worked full time on figuring that out. (via)

the plot thickens

Coach’s Rhodes Claim Under Review by Yale

NEW HAVEN —Yale University began an internal review Thursday to determine if its football coach, Tom Williams, was being truthful when he listed himself as a Rhodes scholarship candidate on his résumé. 

rut roh...

Guess you can never trust a b***dog...

babybel light is so good.

dont you think so?

my official 2Pz review of the twilight saga : breaking dawn, part 1

rachel: well, how was it?!
me: well
i'll tell you
it was just awful!
rachel: oh no!
me: unenjoyable
i never want to see it again
rachel: crap
me: i think the last one will be better
the subject matter coverred in this one was just bad
and horribly depicted
rachel: weddings, babies
doing it?
me: that takes up about 20 minutes
then its another 90 minutes of just awful sickness and pain and bones breaking and being ripped open
interspersed with long depressing silences and taylor lautner deficating all over the profession of acting
rachel: oh god
so ill wait for it to show up on demand i guess
or spare myself totally
me: no you should see it
you must see it

did you see it? what did you think? i'm so curious.


"oh dear."

daily ri ri

FYI you guys...

all you have to do is add a facebook app and you can stream rihanna's new album.

she is calling it a Rihanna Navy listening party. im listening, and you should too. who can wait until next tuesday?


11 billion biscuits so far.

breaking dawn review

zzZZZzzz Biscuits!
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