13 January 2011

all i want to do is dance!


andrew garfield as spiderman FIRST LOOK

sony released the first official image of the new spiderman in his outfit. looks snug. new hotness emma stone plays gwen stacy in this version set to be released summer 2012.

how does michelle rodriguez keep finding herself in these dangerous combat situations

cloverfield + war of the worlds + saving private ryan = battle: los angeles

baby penny tries grapefruit juice


greatest building in new york?

read as the panel (including Bernard Tschumi, Robert Stern, Barry Bergdall, et al) try to narrow it down to just one. which one do you think they picked?

ill put the answer in white text right here: "Grand Central Terminal" article here.

you're doing it wrong


30 Rock is funny. in order.

this blog ranked 30 characters from 30 Rock according to funniness. do you agree with the order? personally, jenna is higher on my list.

miss polar bear, i can see your shame.

polar bears being frisky. courtship.

the (american) girl with the dragon tattoo

david fincher picked rooney mara to be his lisbeth salamander for the hollywood remake of dragon tattoo girl trilogy. here is what the swedish version looked like.

i havnt read this trash, but does it match your expectations? via.

i used to be a gemini

and as far as i'm concerned, i will go on being a gemini forever! according to some astronomers, zodiac charts need to be updated to reflect changes in the position of the earth relative to the sun as caused by the gravitational effect of the moon.

the zodiac hasn't been changed in 3,000 years, but maybe it should be, according to this.

im supposed to be a taurus now. oh yeah right. new chart here.

other people say, "sheesh this is old news."

some more nyc porn.


this billboard is in tucson.


(via) the amount of possible nightmare subway scenarios is practically limitless!

swiperboy > chet haze

this is from 2 months ago.

here's his latest.
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