11 November 2010

This is how kitties drink!

Here is an article about the science of kitten tounges. thanks NYT.

youve just made a very powerful enemy

secretary of state hillary clinton just being perfectly adorable.

good dancing, monkey

cute cute cute cute cute

billy elliot is grown up and a roman slave

Charlie's #1!

Congratulations are in order for the WINNER of the 1st Annual 2Pz Pets Halloween Costume Contest: Sour Grapes Charlie, and his human, SaraJane.

Charlie has had a rough year, and it is clear that he is well loved, so lets all give three cheers for Charlie.

Congrats buddy, that costume was ceeeeyute. Thanks to all our contestants, you all are are adorable and we love you all.

bitch bitch bitch

jicydak, 311 is a genius idea mike bloomberg came up with. its what you call when you want something feeyuxed, but it's not an emergency. i've called twice. once, for a tow truck idling below my window during sleeping time. the other when there was steam coming out of my floorboards and my landlord couldn't figure out where it was coming from.
wired mag documented and infographic'd 35,000 of these calls to see what the hell new yorkers are cryin' about. check 'em out.

have you called 311? tell me everything.

thx midge!

want to have the pants scared off of you?

this haunting video of the six flags in new orleans, abandoned after hurrican katrina, is just terrifying. john, can we go?

demolition FAIL.

Yesterday a demolition crew blew up a 275-foot tower at the old Mad River Power Plant in Springfield, Ohio to great fanfare. But there was one problem — it fell the wrong way and took out the area's electricity. (via)

Woke up to the sound of gunshots this morning...

Welcome to the huuuud.

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