29 April 2013

it would have been better if the first openly gay NBA player wasn't on the WORST team

i see you jason collins. cutie pie. slice me off a piece of that.

courtney love - NJOY

this is the advertisement they are talking about in this nymag article. looks cool to me.

did you ever see Undefeated, the Oscar winning documentary about the Manassas HS football team in Memphis?

it is streaming on netflix and it is a real tear jerker. i watched the whole thing and mike watched the last half this weekend. i think he liked it even though it has sports.

also this

did you hear about this delta gamma that went hamburger on her sisters via facebook last week? watch this version, created by bryan safi of 2Pz favorite podcast, throwing shade!

i just wanted to show you this.

friends-style game of thrones credits.

thx carlygoogles!
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