24 September 2014

here's a 30 minute podcast episode about the history of the color orange

or you can just read about it here.

ooohhhhhh yes.

the KYICK at 0:48. (via)

the voice report

last night brought another incredibly entertaining blind auditions ep. this was the obvious standout performance from a seasoned back-up and session singer, who has maybe the world's most flawlessly supportive mother. the only thing better than her performance was gwen's shameless recruiting tactics. "you like fashion?"

i will note that i don't think i've once seen gwen be the first to push her button, though.

gawker round-up here.


i washed my hair with hand soap in the bathroom

i think i'll watch SNL at least once this year. ARIANA GRANDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and @prattprattpratt)

football puppy saved by football soldier

Texas A&M has three cadets during football games to watch over their mascot. While Reveille was relaxing on the sidelines, a collision with a SMU player was avoided by the athletic move of the guardian cadet. (via)
reveille is my second favorite football puppy. UGA-ly is my least favorite football pile of mush.

in conclusion:

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