17 November 2011

do i have to get a new haircut now :(

the nytimes is reporting on a new trendy hairstyle... mine.

you know what that means, i am now offically behind the times.


that's that


feist - how come you never go there

looks like twilight. (via)

good one, #ows

this is an amazing internet joke! i was just reading through some live updates, here's an excerpt:
10:53 am: police profiling protesters; checking IDs to access Broadway checkpoints around Wall Street. Video stream shows police selectively allowing some people to pass without ID based on appearance, while blocking other people who "look like protesters" from passing even with ID.
10:44 am: thousands occupying Liberty Square
10:39 am: reports of LRAD sound cannon used by NYPD to disperse protesters singing National Anthem near Pine St
10:37 am: Bloomberg responds to Wall Street shutdown
10:32 am: one march headed down william toward beaver stopped by police; people who "look like protesters" not allowed to pass, but "suits" allowed through
10:30 am: protesters chanting "her cuffs are too tight" in solidarity with 60 y/o woman who can't feel her arms after being arrested

yale qb urpdate

In lots of the initial stories on Patrick Wit, the Yale QB who chose "The Game" over his Rhodes Scholarship finalist interview, it was reported that his coach also passed on the scholarship in order to pursue professional football. Turns out that might have been an overstatement...(gulp) 

"Witt was unable to be reached for comment. He has refused to speak about his decision this week, releasing only a statement saying that he would withdraw the application and concentrate on the Harvard game.  He informed Rhodes officials of his decision last Sunday night, and it took them a bit by surprise.

“It is rare for someone to decline an interview,” Gerson said. “I cannot remember anyone else who has ever declined an interview for an athletic event."


it's an active #ows day

follow along with their livestream.

around 5 or 6pm, theyre supposedly going to occupy the bridges. so that should be good tv.

2Pz xmas list

please get this for me joel. 

the 1% just doesn't get it.

There's also begun a mini counter-protest by people saying they want to get through to their offices — a group of men holding signs saying "Get a Job" and "Occupy an Office." (via)


i am sleeeeepy today and it is so grey outside, so i made a sleepytime playlist.

i probably will be even sleepier tomorrow, for obvious reasons, so consider this your spotifriday.
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