06 October 2010

dont mind me... just sniffing you out.

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john got a note from his neighbors!


beyonce surprises hoda-woman and klg

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i was watching this when it happened and waiting for it to show up on the internet. so glad. sorry you have to sit through the terrible miss tina fashions. also, how embarrassing to be one of the fat models next to the skinny model in your same outfit! via

design pupz

wanna see a bunch of pictures of puppies in rooms? click here. thx liz!
UPDATE!! there's cAtZ tOo!!

what if kitties were made of glitter starz?

thx g. (via)

is gensler responsible for this?

gap just unceremoniously launched a redesign of their logo (which no one had a problem with). the new result is banal and kind of internet trashy if you ask me. some helvetica letters and a gradient blue box... and they probably paid someone a million dollars to come up with that. read more here.

i want to go to there

i think there is a CLEAR choice to make here

i cant imagine cheering for any of these disasters, with one notable exception. that bear is CUTE!
i think it was a big mistake to put the landshark in a greg norman hat. and the hotty totty reb looks like a roided out baseball player. the commercial appeal has a little more information about this shit show.


Delaware’s Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons is trying to turn GOP rival Christine O’Donnell’s new “witch ad” against her. In the ad, O’Donnell assures voters that she’s not a witch and is just like everyone else. “I’m you,” O’Donnell says in the ad.

Not so fast, Coons says in a blast email to Delaware voters. The email features a photo of O’Donnell in her own ad, and suggests that voters “Tell Christine O’Donnell: You Are Not Me.”

“Unless you think the retirement age for Social Security should be raised, want to further de-regulate Wall Street, are against a woman’s right to choose, think public schools should teach Creationism, and think homosexuality is an ‘identity disorder,’ she is definitely not you,” Coons says. (via)

dont you hate searching for a seat in bryant park?

well now you can buy your own and take it everywhere with you.

According to the park's online shop, you can "bring home the most cherished and iconic element of Bryant Park, the signature bistro chair. Your Vintage Bryant Park Chair will be selected from the park’s collection of distinctive furniture, greatly coveted and used daily by Midtown professionals and Manhattan dwellers alike. Each steel-framed chair, fitted with wooden slats, is painted in our custom shade, 'Bryant Park Green.' Every chair is authentic, guaranteed to have been in the park for at least one year, and will bear distinctive wear patterns created by patron use and weather conditions." via

or you can take one home and close your eyes and your physical discomfort will almost make you feel like youre eating your lunch with thousands of strangers watching.


love you, barack! (via)

james franco by terry richardson, again

creeping me out bigtime in that bad wig. from terry richardson's diary.

tim gunn's gay?

jk. i knew he was. here he is talking about his trouble youth years, and even his own attempted suicide. jicydak, radio sex-advice personality, dan savage, created the "it gets better" project, in which celebs reach out to gay teens and young adults with youtubes full of hope.


but can they catch bin laden?

monkey fight!

i went to fishkill pumpkin snatch, and all i got was a ton of cute little gourds for less than two doll hairs

after getting s2d at letchworth village and gorging ourselves on chicken boxes and tots at sonic, the gang (see if you can remember all five nick names, no cheating!) went to fishkill pumpkin snatch for some apple cider, (no one had any gay-ass cider) pumpkin picking (no one picked any pumpkins either) and some chicken petting (petted the F out of some chickens). feast your eyes on some hudson river valley splendor :

UPDATE, chickens :

if you ask me, jizz devil is getting a little too familiar with that pumpkin. how gauche!

there they are!

by now you're probably wondering, "what means of conveyance did you use for this trip?" well, go buy a hat, and get ready to hold the fuck onto it, because we had one sweet bitch-in-heat ride. look at those m-f-ing complementary colors. damn.

THE END...or is it?
(it's really the end this time.)

backwardz wednesday!

thx g.animalzzzzz!

sun's out!

and this just came on my ipod.

"im only helping.... SNICKERS"

please present OCTOPUS

omg or else what?

james franco by terry richardson

for candy magazine. is anybody going to go see howl? i want to go see howl. not because of this picture, for other reasons. via.
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