29 February 2012

so, snooki's pregnant.

first uma, then drew, and now this.
Snooki -- the decorous and well-marbled star of Jersey Shore -- is pregnant. Earlier this month, she denied being with child but she apparently has since brokered an Us Weekly cover to announce the news to the glossy magazine-buying world. The father is Jionni LaValle, her TV boyfriend of 18 months. She's reportedly three months along, and according to Page Six's source, MTV is "in crisis mode" because they're worried it "greatly affect the creative direction" of a planned spin-off she's supposed to star in with fellow Jersey Shore alumnus Jenni Farley (née JWoww) which was supposed to be heavy on libations and brief, pointless threats. That format is obviously going to have to be tweaked if there's a newborn involved. Or maybe not, you never know. (via)

good idea.

Hollywood dreadnaught Ryan Murphy has announced plans to make a movie musical with Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Reese Witherspoon, based on an idea they had at dinner. Yeah, apparently they were all eating supper at Soho House, the faaabulous social club where everyone faaabulous hangs out, and they decided they wanted to do something together so they came up with One Hit Wonders, about a trio of washed-up '90s singers forming a supergroup, right there at dinner. How about that! (via)



excuse me.

would you just.


starla: so i saw tim riggins
me: how'd it go?
starla: he is SO FUCKING HOT
me: ctm



the new york times facebook timeline

Facebook just debuted timelines for companies and The New York Times', which goes back to the papers founding, is amazing. Starting 153 years before the creation of Facebook, the Times Timeline includes updates throughout the paper's lifespan. (via)

fired UP!

obama's UAW speech from yesterday. love it.


Bear 71 Live observes and records the intersection of humans, nature and technology in a live, Internet connected event. Questioning how we see the world through the lens of technology, this multi-user, interactive story blurs the line between the wild world and the wired one. And it involves an augmented reality app. (via)
thx ktv!

good answer.

thx ktv!

what is starla doing today?

jic you missed it.

happy 1st leap year toooooops!

real life dragon found in indonesia

read alllll about it.

Note to all the fair maidens out there, I would totally slay that thing for you.

jeopardy justin strikes again

alex let them freestyle on the "getting to know you" segment. and once again, this guy took the opportunity to weird everybody out.

he later inexplicably uttered the phrase "you better check yourself before you trebek yourself."
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