26 February 2014

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kylie already knows all of this -> how to win at wheel of fortune

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When The Guardian recently asked Zaha Hadid about the 500 Indians and 382 Nepalese migrant workers who have reportedly died in preparations for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the architect behind the al-Wakrah stadium responded:
“I have nothing to do with the workers. I think that’s an issue the government – if there’s a problem – should pick up. Hopefully, these things will be resolved.”
Asked whether she was concerned, she then added:
“Yes, but I’m more concerned about the deaths in Iraq as well, so what do I do about that? I’m not taking it lightly but I think it’s for the government to look to take care of. It’s not my duty as an architect to look at it. I cannot do anything about it because I have no power to do anything about it. I think it’s a problem anywhere in the world. But, as I said, I think there are discrepancies all over the world.” (via)
real talk.

set your tivos

portlandia is back tomorrow!

and guess what else: the americans starts TONIGHT!!!!!1111

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HAIM does "XO".

nights home alone in the house are going to be changed forever.

Some stoner genius at Ben and Jerry's Ideas Department came up with this delicious pint idea: putting 2 flavors in one cup AND running a core of some other flavor like FUDGE down the middle. See the cutaway diagram here:
peanut butter fudge

thats my jam

hazed and confused

Flavors include Hazed & Confused (see I said it was a stoner genius' idea), Peanut Butter Fudge, Salted Caramel and That's My Jam. 

last word freak.

alec baldwin very publicly announced his retreat from the public eye in a lengthy and tone-deaf new york magazine article this week, and said mean things about pretty much everyone he's worked with in the last five years along the way.

on shia lebouf:
So I asked the company to break. And I took the stage manager, with Sullivan, to another room, and I said one of us is going to go. I said, “I’ll tell you what, I’ll go.” I said don’t fire the kid, I’ll quit. They said no, no, no, no, and they fired him. And I think he was shocked. He had that card, that card you get when you make films that make a lot of money that gives you a certain kind of entitlement. I think he was surprised that it didn’t work in the theater.
on msnbc:
Morning Joe was boring. Scarborough is neither eloquent nor funny. And merely cranky doesn’t always work well in the morning. Mika B. is the Margaret Dumont of cable news. I liked Chris Jansing a lot. Very straightforward. I like Lawrence O’Donnell, but he’s too smart to be doing that show. Rachel Maddow is Rachel Maddow, the ultimate wonk/dweeb who got a show, polished it, made it her own. She’s talented. The problem with everybody on MSNBC is none of them are funny, although that doesn’t prevent them from trying to be.
on rachel maddow:
Another told me, regarding the “toxic little queen” comment, that Rachel Maddow was the prime mover in my firing, as she was aghast that I had been hired and viewed me as equivalent to Mel Gibson. Another source told me, “You know who’s going to get you fired, don’t you? Rachel. Phil will do whatever Rachel tells him to do.” I think Rachel Maddow is quite good at what she does. I also think she’s a phony who doesn’t have the same passion for the truth off-camera that she seems to have on the air.
on bill de blasio:
Bill de Blasio, who apparently gets his news from TMZ, too, distanced himself from me.
on america:
Even the U.S., which is so preposterously judgmental now. The heart, the arteries of the country are now clogged with hate. The fuel of American political life is hatred. Who would ever dream that Obama would deserve to be treated the way he has been? The birth-certificate bullshit, which is just Obama’s version of Swiftboating. And all for the electoral nullification that seems like a cancer on the American system. But this is Roger Ailes. And Fox. And Breitbart. And this is all about hate. It’s Hate Incorporated.
on new york city:
I probably have to move out of New York. I just can’t live in New York anymore. Everything I hated about L.A. I’m beginning to crave. L.A. is a place where you live behind a gate, you get in a car, your interaction with the public is minimal. I used to hate that. But New York has changed. Manhattan is like Beverly Hills.
on brooklyn:
And the soul of New York has moved to Brooklyn, where everything new and exciting seems to be. I have to accept that.
he also used the word "tranny" and called anderson cooper and andrew sullivan the "gay department of justice".

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