29 April 2016

NeRd aLeRt~!


just like we knew she would.


thx mom!


sliding into the weekend like

28 April 2016

needed to share this video of baby penguins going swimming for the first time

did you know about this kendrick lamar deep cut?



the #formation tour has begun

see you on june 8th, gurl.


great news! the nashville predators have advanced to the second round of the stanley cup playoffs, which means extra opportunities to participate in the best cheer in all of sports!

27 April 2016

gave me a smile

nice hat!

your fortnightly boat

ALL THE BOATS. spend a few hours moving around this mesmerizing visualization of world shipping routes. Kylie, you're gonna love it. click here


25 April 2016

for melissa

been going through it

sometimes i really love the internet

22 April 2016

nytimes spends 36 hours in memphis

have we ever talked about chef's table?

season two is coming. get stoned and watch season one on netflix, if you haven't already.

crying into my sandwich

Led by Jennifer Hudson, who opened with a few words about her good friend, the cast — which includes the outstanding Cynthia Erivo and Orange Is the New Black's Danielle Brooks — channeled Prince for an absolutely spellbinding cover of "Purple Rain." Listen, there are covers, and then there's what Jennifer Hudson did last night — the very definition of catching the spirit. (via)
i see you, tastee.


21 April 2016

nap time

this will cheer you up.

. μŒμ•…μ΄ λͺΉμ‹œ 거슬린 마느리 . . λλ‚œμ€„ μ•Œμ•˜λŠ”λ° 또 λ‚˜μ˜€λ‹ˆ μ°ΈκΈ° νž˜λ“€μ–΄μ§ . #마늘

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this will cheer you up.


prince may or may not be dead?

UPDATE: she dead.

20 April 2016

i'm sorry mr. jackson

HARRIET TUBMAN COME THROUGH!! Trendy Hamilton gets to stay on the $10 but slaveholder Andrew Jackson can go languish around in some ol hardback encyclopedias that no one buys from the Goodwill.

18 April 2016

more information

should i be scared of #lemonade?

hillary chats with the breakfast clurb

can't wait to vote tomorrow!

this manatee is killing it.

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what does it mean?

any ideas?

happy monday

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15 April 2016

im here im here

and obviously i just wanna

fridayz w/o flim

quarter-sized-kill-spot vibez.

fridayz w/o flim

yes. queen.

also: look at hillz slaying in her #tbt

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14 April 2016

no one told me there was a cute new drake song out.

here's a story about how this girl got sampled.

that looks dangerous

13 April 2016

oh, hello

trying to get to work on the morning

thomas wilhelm's flight gets cancelled

reminds me of the time she missed the ferry to queens.

12 April 2016

thunder n' lightnin'

pew pew!

it ain't easy

the NYT compiled a collection of responses from female architects about the pitfalls of working in our male-dominated industry (joel). READ IT.

another SB banger

with a little nashville cameo.

08 April 2016

watch this #BearCam

important news for kylie

this does not resemble my week

dis bitch.

love him.

hillary's going to show us the notes

Pulling Podesta aside after an interview, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked him to expand on what Clinton’s plans are “when it comes to Area 51, and whether or not the US government knows of aliens.”
Podesta responds without missing a beat:
"Well, what I’ve talked to the Secretary about, and what she’s said now in public, is that if she’s elected President and she gets into office, she’ll ask for as many records as the United States federal government has to be declassified. And I think that’s a commitment that she intends to keep, and that I intend to hold her to." (via)

a little something else for your friday

pat benatar / heathers / beetlejuice ?

samantha bee x terry gross

what else could you ask for on a friday morning?

07 April 2016

this absolutely killed me


After a campaign stop in the Bronx Thursday, Hillary Clinton needed five swipes to successfully pass through the turnstile at the 161st Street station near Yankee Stadium, where she caught an uptown 4 train and rode it two stops to 170th Street. (via)
at least she didn't rack herself on the bar.

06 April 2016

me too J.B.

all i do is embed youtubes...BUT

ya'll, watch this

literally CTMOLWT

what's trending today?!!!1

this Lip Sync Battle from Jimmy Fallon featuring Melissa McCarthy as Pocahontas (spoiler alert).

this reminds me of my older brother, 2Pz's very own JVM.

05 April 2016

the internet told me these ladies are "beyonce's teenage proteges"

they have my attention.

different reactions

monday night karaoke

well, he's done it.

DJV has taken the big prize. did y'all see how that game ended?!

me neither but i read about it.

01 April 2016

friday at the office like

speaking of compost...

It's spring ya'll and people are composting, literally. Have you seen this viral video circulating today? I got many out loud chuckles out of it.

ok that's funny

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didn't want to like it but she got me.
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