11 October 2013

what are you doing this weekend?

play this game...

...that i found on margauxxx's fb and tell us who you were in the comments.

janelle monae (feat. miguel) - primetime

2Pz national treasurez

nEw bLoG FeAtCh!

welcome to a new recurring 2Pz column : 2Pz national treasurez, where we celebrate americans who touch our hearts. today, please welcome...shelton johnson!!!!!!111

in protest of the #shutdown, i've been watching the ken burns documentary series "national parks: america's best idea". anyone who's ever seen it will know who shelton johnson is. he's been called "the unexpected star" of the series. he was invited to the white house to watch the doc with president obama (and presumably bo obama). and remember when oprah and gayle visited yosemite national park. well, you can guess who invited them.

do yourself a favor and read all about shelton. then, let's quit our jobs and go be national park rangers, ok?

tReNd aLeRt!

i just wanted to make you aware of a hot new trend in hip hop: ma$e references. allow me to demonstrate.

here is a song on drake's new album, called "worst behavior". skip ahead to about 2:30, and you'll hear his adaptation of a ma$e verse.

here it is, the first verse of notorious b.i.g.'s "mo money mo problems.

this morning, i was perusing the new pusha t album (thx djv), and i was all "ooh a song with kelly rowland....play!" i was real surprised to find that ma$e was also on the song, but it turns out its just pusha t doing a ma$e impression. skip to 1:25 to hear his take on...

...ma$e's classic "what you want" (skip to 1:35).

and just for good measure, you might remember kanye's ma$e reference on "cold" a couple years back, borrowing the opening line from...

... "lookin' at me".

there you have it. ma$e = still hot in 2013! celebrate your friday with harlem world!
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