13 December 2013

nashville's latest claim of mass transit plans

i've heard it all before, splashville. good luck, though.

beyonce wants everybody's last coin




Beyonce plucked this writer/producer from obscurity and put him all over her secret album (which is awesome). No one knows who he is but buzzfeed has collected all the evidence.

Listen to his version of Haunted that is on his soundcloud

i cant even pick a favorite

but i think it's this one. don't not gander at this exhaustive gif guide to the new album.

keeping up with the klausens

Vol For Life Casey Clausen has been named the head football coach at Calabasas High School in California. The former Vols signal caller will be joined by brother and fellow VFL Rick Clausen as an assistant coach.
kylie and i are amused that "vol for life" is used as a title in this article.  we also think we should get a say in who gets to use the title.  i mean, rick? really? casey maaaaayyybbeee, but rick?

house of cards season 2 trailer

happy valentine's day to us all!

super bowl xlviiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111


the best part of the super bowl coming to new york city jersey is this incredible installation in times square:

"Broadway will feature an eight-lane, 180-foot long, 58-foot-high toboggan run able to handle up to 1,000 riders an hour. The run — between 40th and 41st Sts. — will be open from Jan. 29 to Feb. 1, the day before Super Bowl XLVIII is played at MetLife Stadium. The plans for the toboggan ride, along with other events and exhibits, will be officially unveiled on Tuesday." via
you'll be able to find me there with my friends.  through the magic of magic, i was able to take this picture of my friend's first ride down the slide.

Look! It's A Bear On A Slide! This Bear Thinks It's People!


Can you believe it! Beyonce surprised us all!! When was the last time something unexpected happened to you? Don't remember? It was last night when Beyonce announced on instagram that she had 14 new songs and 17 new videos that she wanted you to see. I bought it on itunes and it is downloading right now. I'll give you my impressions once I collect myself. SURPRISE!!!
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