27 July 2011

all of mad men

streaming on netflix right now.

sometimes you can be too good.

the original

the cover

My new favorite meme

The College Freshman.
more here


they're no jacob and edward. what do y'all think?

joel says he's "excited in the genitals". blog sneak attack.

youtube classix

keekerz speakerz

i wish i felt like this today. #swedishpeopleinbearsuits

but i actually feel like this. #chrissyhyndemeetsmazzystar

i'm back from my portland vacation!

but too tired to tell you about it right now. so for now, enjoy this.

"oh right margaret, you wanted prime rib"

thx joey v

melissa's airplane co-passenger

Melissa: There's a corgi on my plane to Santa Fe!!!
Me: What's her name?
Melissa: That's pharoh, He's trained to wake up his sleeping owner if she is sleeping too long
Me: No fucking way
Melissa; Yep. That puppy was runnin some peeps over in the aisle

bjork :: crystalline :: michel gondry

silly skill game

what happens when two british kids discover walmart?

shoot 'em elizabeth!

lots of folks watched Swamp People last week. nytimes told me so. being that it's just about the best show on television in history, i can't say i'm surprised. did you watch?
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