12 August 2011

kitteh flip and wink


ryan gosling does NOT want to feed your baby

or does he?



21 days

i can't get this to embed, so just click, okay?


thx carly!

see, joey? everyone's thinking it.

STATE COLLEGE, PA—Hospitalized after a receiver crashed into him on the field last Sunday, Joe Paterno’s return to practice Wednesday came as a vast relief to Penn State players, all of whom live in constant fear of being the one who inevitably kills the 84-year-old head coach.
“Every day we go to the field worried about which one of us will accidentally bump into Coach, cause his entire body to fall apart, and kill him,” senior defensive end Jack Crawford said. “There’s no doubt we are going to be the ones responsible for his death. That’s inevitable. It’s just a question of who and when."
“At this point, it’s part of the Happy Valley tradition," Crawford added. "No names on the jerseys, ringing the victory bell, and being very, very careful not to be the reason Coach Paterno dies." (via)
i feel...something.

poll time : watch the throne.

last night, i learned that everyone has different favorites. i was just wondering how it would look on a larger scale. will you tell me in the poll to the right what your 3 favorite tracks on "watch the throne" are?


bonus links:
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y'all might've heard about the hot new twitter, @CondeElevator, which broadcasts events and conversations witnessed in the elevators of conde nast's building in times square. it's become an internet hit, so of course the company (and everyone) is dilligently searching for its author. whoever's running the twitter has indicated that for fear of being fired, he or she is retiring.

this might be the best part:
Meanwhile, the Post points out that the feed is far more successful than many of Condé's own digital ventures. Since its launch on Saturday, it has already gathered 45,000 Twitter followers, which is more than twice that of Details (20,000) and approaching that of Allure (55,000) and Glamour (86,000). So basically, whoever is writing this thing should get promoted. (via)


the 5th annual international cornhole cup tournament has been scheduled! jicydak, it will be taking place next saturday, august 20th at jOeL's HiZziE!!!

2Pz friend and owner/operator of cornhole cooperative, patty halley, has posted a timely item:
an official rulesheet. this will answer all your questions concernig cornholes, dirty pillahs, rim jobs, etc.

now that you're all in the mood to play, sign up for the tournament! you won't win, as the city (me 'n starla) will be dominating, but you'll have a lot of fun!!

bout to call the paparazzi on myself.

directed by spike jonze. CEEYUTE!!

cameo at 2:32!
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