09 August 2010

ryan gosling

i dont need a reason to post such a picture mk?

i like your clothes, by the way. and shoes. well everything. youre not doing anything wrong.

maru | watch this forever


two things : pretty boys peeing

one more and this will become an official internet rule of three. in these two seemingly unrelated heart throb pretty boy interviews, there is an awkward interlude where the celeb and the writer use the restroom together. is this a new thing?

the agony of zac efron:
"Oh...my...God," Efron says with a gasp. "It's like the best...orgasm...ever! And I just keep coming!" Efron and I are in the Soho House bathroom after a pee, and he's lingering at the sink, letting the water pour over his diseased wrists. When he got up to head to the john, I noticed that his pants were fully unbuttoned and unzipped. "I'm just airing it out," he'd said. "It just itches too much." Discipline and doctor's orders had kept the impulse to scratch at bay.

the james franco project:
Franco is still talking about all of this as he starts to urinate, matter-of-factly, into a urinal—a process that goes on for an extremely long time. (He’s a compulsive drinker of Starbucks coffee, and Abramovic talked for well over an hour.) He’ll be filming at an actual mall in Queens next weekend, he says, still urinating, and the movie will star the performance artist John Kelly, who’s best known for appearing onstage, in drag, as Joni Mitchell. As I stand behind Franco, here in the tiny bathroom, taking notes, I feel a strange little thrill of low-grade intimacy—equal parts discomfort, amusement, affection, and an excitement whose source I can’t quite trace.

trouble makers

these two.

melissa was home for the weekend for a family party and supervised the re-reunion of kizzy and izzy. they mostly kept their distance, but did team up on my mom when she was drawing a bath for them. they each peed on the floor right in front of her, thusly ending up banished to the deck until they submitted (i.e. laying down).

another bearthday of note : HoDa WoMaN!

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spirit animal

happy bearthday whitney houston

summer is hot. ready for sweater weather.

unicorn being a jerk.

cutting in line.
bringing a guitar to a party.

pushing the close button.

(via) thx markie!

county law! county law! county law! county law!

almost as awesome as police women of memphis. via.

time for murder. kill the bottle thrower.

daily ri ri

Love The Way You Lie from Manny on Vimeo.


keekerz speakerz

sleepy monday edition

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department of eagles - while we're young

y'all know i love hand claps.

i want that.

a list of the 15 "worst" paintings in existence.

more like, best.
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