06 September 2012

omg you guys, starla totally emBEARassed herself last night at a fashion's night out party

think she was on pills or something

kylie was telling me a story about delta burke so i got designing women stuck in my head

hey mom ive got an idea for something fun we can do next time i come home

it was flim's idea.

sluts vote.


jesus christ, bubbles!


downton abbey season 3 trailer

premiering in 10 days, but not in america. sorry.

you're not the only one who watched bill clinton's speech

here's hillz, catching up during her east timor visit, wherever that is..

did you see?

lizzy warren's speech from the dnc

and mr. hillary clinton's, too.

both very good.

copied straight from espn

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- The U.S. Open represents a showcase for a tennis invention that measures net cord tension.
Glass, a University of Tennessee graduate, developed the gauge at his alma mater's tennis center with the cooperation of the Volunteers' tennis program. The gauge was initially tested in 2011 during Tennessee's regular-season matches and an NCAA regional tournament in Knoxville. 
Glass said the gauge soon will be tested at All-England Club as officials there explore whether to use it at the Wimbledon championships. Glass is hoping the gauge's increased visibility will cause more local clubs to try it out. His invention currently is being used in more professional venues than local clubs.
"We originally thought this thing would start more at the grass-roots or club level and be popular with club players and work its way upward from there," Glass said. "It turned out to be exactly the opposite. Pro tennis bought into it quickly, and the clubs are beginning to follow."
 Knoxville = center of the universe.
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