06 December 2010

the chateau

“If you are going to get in trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont.”
nytimes profiles the hotel. sofia coppola headlines it in her upcoming movie.


in an effort to reduce the black bear population and bear complaints, new jersey has initiated a 6 day bear killing spree. their goal is to murder between 300 and 400 majestic and precocious black bears.

The state has issued 7,000 permits for the bear hunt; one hunter who shot a 120-pound yearling told NBC 4, "I'm gonna actually get a rug made out of him," Bartnicki said. "It's on the way to the butcher; I'm gonna get a lot of hamburger made out of it and some Italian bear roast." The state says they will pair the hunt with education programs and bear-proof garbage cans. Today also marks the first day of the deer hunt, in case you like bears but just really want to shoot something.

new jersey you have to stop it! wtf...

puppy dancer


what won't we do for pandas

Panda researchers in China dress as pandas when they reintroduce giant pandas into the wild after breeding them in captivity. They don't want the panda cubs—aww, panda cubs!—to see humans when they drop them off into the forest. via


thx g.

don't stand up at a chelsea show.


this is the first...

...of many times that this is going to be posted this holiday season. you are required to listen to it in full each time.

please and thank you.

hurry, you're missing out!

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