31 October 2013

glamour magic

happy hallowe'en

the only engagement photos i've ever liked.

worth a look. thx trash can garwacke!

where do you belong?

if you take this short quiz, science will tell you which state you are most tempermentally compatible with. I got DC, which i wasnt happy with so i changed some answers and got california.

who is the best of the 101 dalmations?

obviously it is Rolly, who is always hungry.

not all Boston fans are drunk idiots, but these guys are


you guys.

look what someone made for us. it's so beautiful.

30 October 2013

all the x-men are going to be in the same movie

great news for me and you, but mostly me!

Kirby just told me about a new mexican food place that opened around the corner from our apartment. Cerveceria Havemeyer by the same owners as La Superior and Cantina Royal will be the new Taco Chulo backup spot. Twerk around the corner and drink a margarita!

29 October 2013

i bet these ducks wanted some candy corns


happy hallowe'en


this is definitely the most dramatic youtube you will watch about a concert pianist today. for sure.

During a lunch concert at Amsterdam's famed Royal Concertgebouw, Pires sat down at her piano fully expecting to hear one Mozart concerto, but the orchestra suddenly started to play a different one: Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K. 466. (via)

new music tuesday

arcade fire - reflektor

sky ferreira - night time my time 
(of course, she's naked.)

lily & madeleine - lily & madeleine

28 October 2013

Im going to get a burrito today.

and this is how i feel about it.

have you seen this week's nymag cover?

wes anderson horror film

from SNL. ceeyute.

halloween puppies

i haven't even made it halfway through this list, but i already know that this one is my favorite.

25 October 2013

2Pz National Treasure

I was listening to Reba McEntire sing about The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, and i was thinking, this is obviously one of the best songs in the entire world. This song is a National Treasure, and so is Reba McEntire for writing it. Then I did a little digging. Turns out that the Reba version from 1991 is one of those magical covers that has totally explised the original (like what Ike and Tina did to Creedance Clearwater Revival with Proud Mary). The original version of this song, written by Bobby Russell was recorded by his wife, Vicki Lawrence, from The Carol Burnett Show and later Mama's Family. Originally, Bobby Russell did not want to even record a demo for the song because he didn't like it. Vicki Lawrence, his wife at the time, revealed the history of the song on her talk show in the 1990s when Reba McEntire was a guest on her show. According to Lawrence, she believed it was destined to be a hit and recorded the demo herself. The publisher didn't quite know where to pitch the song. The first thought was to pitch the song to Liza Minnelli. However, "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" was first offered to Cher, but her then-husband and manager Sonny Bono reportedly turned it down (he was said to be concerned that the song might offend Cher's southern fans) via

  Tanya Tucker also did a cover of this song in 1981 that changed the plot around to suit the movie of the same name that was released that year. I can't talk about this special song without mentioning the best monologue in sitcom history delivered by Dixie Carter in Designing Women. And that Marjorie, just so you will know, and your children will someday know, is the night the lights went out in Georgia. Applause Applause.

the president arrives in style in brooklyn

Ms. Dangles went to Abu Dhabi and this is what it looked like

The UAE from Michael De Angelis on Vimeo.


i just went down a 90s alternative rabbithole today, and pulled a little something together. remember these?

puppy puppies and bear puppies are best friends


24 October 2013

remember the last time we beat alabama?

it was 2Pz senior senior year, back in 2006. just memorize what it looks like so we can do it again this weekend. see you guys at mulholland's, ok?

music minute with ms danglez

the first release from solange's new label, according to ms. danglez.

23 October 2013

it's crafting time in tennesee


giraffic collage art.

As she describes, Faye discovered GIF making by accident, while fiddling on images on her computer. “My exploration into the realm of GIFs was never a predetermined ambition, but rather a wonderful accident,” she wrote in an interview with Hyperallergic. “When collaging, I often alter the composition slightly, scan, and repeat the process until I’m satisfied. Flicking through the scans on the computer to determine my favourite version, I saw them move and come to life.” (via)

collage giraffics.

wednesday morning present for joel

baby elephants love swimmin'.

22 October 2013

further validation that i am right and that i am almost always right

"A GIF, pronounced jif, is a compressed image file format invented in 1987," from the nytimes.

liev schreiber stars in Gravity 2

don't not watch this.

and cover your mouth when you do.

what's for lunch?

last night's kung pao tofu and one confiscated fun-sized snickers bar.

21 October 2013

the more you know

too cute!

thx jenny!

2Pz xmas wishlist

it's that time of year!!!

this is a "dream lites pillow pet" and i want one real bad.

look how sad and pathetic the suckeye band is.

jealousy of the pride of the southland's death-defying circle drill has driven them to cheap, embearassing circus tricks (start at 3:58).

no integrity.

thx starla. for nothing.

music minute with Ms. Dangles

that fox is winking at me


the oldest news on the internet

i saw this video over the weekend, and it cracked my shit right up. and i don't care how old it is. shut. your mouth.

you guys are just going to love this

The Vh1 TLC biopic comes out tonight, and T-Boz and Chili were interviewed on NPR this morning. You guys MUST listen to this. They are a riot.

Did you set your DVR?

18 October 2013

why did Lola need to go to the dentist in the first place?

thx for the pic flim

what is lola doing?

she is a little woozy from the dentist.

thx dale!

16 October 2013

do yourself a favor.

read the best wikipedia article of all time.



the best internet video you will see today.

0:34 is joel's party animal.

nErD aLeRt!

With a fifth of their population below sea level, the Dutch have historically been ahead of the curve when it comes to planning for ecological disasters. A new project from Dutch designer Pieter Stoutjesdijk takes that efficiency one step further, with an emergency shelter that can be built in a mere five hours. (via)

15 October 2013

daily ri ri

got licked by a giraffe at the zoo

somehow this is entertaining in spite of everything

dev hynes playing tennis and cody critcheloe cake decorating. vfiles

this movie looks gyud.

the upcoming steve mcqueen joint.

jicyww : nashville music is still good

keekerz speakerz

listen to this lucius album. it has a good chance of being my favorite of the year.

music minute with Ms. Dangles

2Pz National Treasure

this little science fair queen is inventing all kinds of science and it being fierce while doing so.

14 October 2013

happy christopher columbus day

if you see a native american (you probably won't because most of them got killed) then consider apologizing.

11 October 2013

what are you doing this weekend?

play this game...

...that i found on margauxxx's fb and tell us who you were in the comments.

janelle monae (feat. miguel) - primetime

2Pz national treasurez

nEw bLoG FeAtCh!

welcome to a new recurring 2Pz column : 2Pz national treasurez, where we celebrate americans who touch our hearts. today, please welcome...shelton johnson!!!!!!111

in protest of the #shutdown, i've been watching the ken burns documentary series "national parks: america's best idea". anyone who's ever seen it will know who shelton johnson is. he's been called "the unexpected star" of the series. he was invited to the white house to watch the doc with president obama (and presumably bo obama). and remember when oprah and gayle visited yosemite national park. well, you can guess who invited them.

do yourself a favor and read all about shelton. then, let's quit our jobs and go be national park rangers, ok?

tReNd aLeRt!

i just wanted to make you aware of a hot new trend in hip hop: ma$e references. allow me to demonstrate.

here is a song on drake's new album, called "worst behavior". skip ahead to about 2:30, and you'll hear his adaptation of a ma$e verse.

here it is, the first verse of notorious b.i.g.'s "mo money mo problems.

this morning, i was perusing the new pusha t album (thx djv), and i was all "ooh a song with kelly rowland....play!" i was real surprised to find that ma$e was also on the song, but it turns out its just pusha t doing a ma$e impression. skip to 1:25 to hear his take on...

...ma$e's classic "what you want" (skip to 1:35).

and just for good measure, you might remember kanye's ma$e reference on "cold" a couple years back, borrowing the opening line from...

... "lookin' at me".

there you have it. ma$e = still hot in 2013! celebrate your friday with harlem world!

10 October 2013

what is dottie doing?


thx ktv!

beale street voted best street in the world by readers of USA today

or something very close to that

graffiti building to be replaced with glass and brick luxury condo

this empty warehouse in queens called 5pointsz is set to be torn down and replaced with luxury. i think i see djv's name written at the bottom there in paint pen. via

terrible news for jonas brothers fans (me)

they cancelled their tour and might not be brothers anymore! well i guess they will always be brothers but they won't be "the jonas brothers" and im guessing that thanksgiving is going to be pretty awkward. according to people magazine, according to the new york times, a group spokesman described “a deep rift within the band” and “a big disagreement over their musical direction.”

may i make a suggestion? SHIRTS OFF NICK JONAS.

what your white person graffiti hath wrought - BANKSY in NYC

daily ri ri

omg you guys, rihanna is planning to move to new york instead of back to LA after her current world tour is over. that means the chance that i will run into rihanna will increas dramatically. i wonder if rihanna like dumplings or hot wings or tacos! i'll find out. via

Tennessee is planning to play football with Virgina Tech at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2016

this shows what Neyland Stadium would look like inside the Bristol Motor Speedway. I still can't believe that many people go watch cars drive in circles. twerk.

did you watch american horror story : coven?

it started last night, and i thought it was pretty fun, not counting the first 5 minutes (you'll see).

09 October 2013

some internet trinkets

here are some things that made my eyes water while reading about our beloved footvols:
Tennessee has reason for optimism: The loss hurts and it looked like the Volunteers were going to pull off the upset of the No. 6 team in the country, but there are definitely positives to be taken away. For starters, the kind of fight and grittiness Tennessee showed is what you want to see in your football team and something that hasn't necessarily been there in recent years. The Vols could have easily folded up like a tent when down 17-3 and Georgia was on the verge of taking a three-score lead before a missed field goal. Instead, they fought to the point that they put themselves in position to win. That's a huge positive for new coach Butch Jones. Secondly, quarterback Justin Worley played his best game of the year and made some big-time throws down the stretch. The execution by Worley down the stretch -- as well as the offense as a whole on three fourth-down plays in the second half -- was terrific. (via)
Butch Jones’ message: Lost in Tennessee’s gut-wrenching 34-31 overtime loss to Georgia was a message from first-year coach Butch Jones to Vols fans that was unmistakable: He plays to win, and that’s the way it’s going to be on his watch. Tennessee went for it on fourth down three times in the fourth quarter, twice in its own territory, and converted all three. It wasn’t just that the Vols went for it on fourth down, but the play calls were absolute beauties. Tennessee is still a ways off from being an SEC contender, but Jones continues to grind away … and stack those bricks. (via)
12. Tennessee (3-3, 0-2 SEC; LW: 13): What a fight by Tennessee in that heartbreaking loss to Georgia. The Bulldogs did sustain some serious injuries, but Justin Worley delivered some big-time throws and wide receiver Pig Howard is turning into a real playmaker, except for that goal-line fumble. This defense still has a long way to go, but Saturday showed that this team truly has heart. (via)


miley + the roots + jimmy fallon sing "we can't stop" a capella, and it's adorable.

Ms. Dangles ornithological minute

check out this guy!

i have some good news to report.

the miley cyrus album is not half bad! listen and tell us your favorite tracks in the comments.

08 October 2013

i think paris hilton is the next big thing

just kidding, paris hilton will always be the biggest thing. i dont know why this video is so oddly shaped.

our friends at the throwing shade podcast

thx flim

did you wake up this morning thinking that you might hear a new TLC song today?

i had no idea but there is a TLC movie coming out on VH1 in one week, starring lil mama as lisa 'left eye' lopez.

nErD aLeRt!

the latest interactive feature from the NYT examines the history of the high-rise and its effects on the built environment and society. it's pretty fun and timely if you consider we are watching rosemary's baby tomorrow night at scary movie wednesdays. #thedakota

take a peek!

IRL carrie trailer

Engineered and executed by Sony, "Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise" is, in reality, a promotion for the upcoming Carrie adaptation starring Chloƫ Moretz and Julianne Moore. (via)

bill de blasio is going to answer your questions today.

he's doing a reddit ask-me-anything (AMA) today at 2:45pm, so you can use this opportunity to bring up issues that are important to you, like #tennisreform.

07 October 2013

joel thought i would like this, and i did and i think you would like it too.

there was a baby animal blessin' at st john the divine yesterday (don't not click that). jicyct, that's edie falco holding a recently blessed baby alpaca. i wish i would've been invited. i would've brought dharma and worn a homemade t-shirt that said "bless this mess."

phantogram: still cooler than you.


kylie thought i would like this, and i thought you all would like this too


lucius - wildewoman

i've been waiting for this one even harder than HAIM. enjoy!

04 October 2013

everyone ready for the smokey gray?

georgia's going to go down in a tornado of this tomorrow. get ready.

oh my g-d.

look at this baby lion rawring!!!!

03 October 2013

shots fired at the capital

Source: Intelligencer via Twitter. on Twitpic where is katniss everdeen

02 October 2013

thomas wilhelm's party animal

he fucking LOVES halloween.

thx heather!

your daily ri ri

here it is already. #nobasiczone

behind the scenes of ri-ri's new video

featuring joel's soon-to-be new fave pastime, twerkin on water.


truth bombz

elizabeth warren is a carpenter.

thx liz herber!
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