13 March 2013

stop whatever you're doing and read this liza minnelli interview

national treasure

blog sneak attack

me: who knew there were ada restrictions on wall sconces
is there anything these people dont control?
Joel: their lower halves
or, their bladder

martha on the today show making meatloaf

and giving me real bitch stink face like a boss.

good advice from caity weaver


i hope she's black!


music minute with ms. dangles

 Michael: I love this song its from Before Stevie and Lindsay were in Fleetwood Mac

here in america...

...we have beautiful alive dalphins in our rivers, instead of thousands of dead-ass pigs.
According to various witnesses, a dolphin has been spotted in the East River—the most heavily trafficked, overly contaminated waterway on the Eastern seaboard—near 96th Street. It was first spotted sometime after 10 a.m., and locals tell ABC that it keeps surfacing. At least one person said they saw it swimming in circles between the Randall’s Island pedestrian bridge and Mill Rock. (via)
don't die, dalphin!

taylor swift - 22

maybe it's the beautiful day we're having in new york, but (barring the stupid hipster-dressing theme), i dont. hate this.

cheerwine is the new shandy.

this year's drink of the summer is kalimotxo, or as i call it: cheerwine.

one part red wine + one part coca-cola. get on board, and i'll see you in mccarren park.

no more dead pigs!

china proves once again that it thinks the world is its own personal garbage disposal:
The Huangpu River, a source of drinking water to Shanghai's 23 million residents, should basically be called rotting swine soup. Some 3,000 more decomposing pigs have been found in the river near Shanghai since Monday, bringing the number to about 6,000 dead hogs, but authorities claim that water is just fine. (via)
6000 more reasons to stay away from china, if you ask me.

vote for christine quinn

she went on national tv monday night after the soda ban got killt, and celebrated with a giant DC. a lady after my own heart.
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