08 July 2014

a new movie offering a behind the scenes look at an architecture competition

The Competition. Trailer from OFFICE FOR STRATEGIC SPACES/OSS on Vimeo.


zac efron riding a horse through a lake

UPDATE: gol gol gol gol

{FIFA spoiler alert} This kid's Joel's reaction to the current status of the Brazil vs Germany game:

Germany just scored four five points in less than thirty minutes. Whoopsie Daisies. via keeks via the wire

this, this and this

 this, this AND this:

youtube classixxx

what did you have for lunch today?

faith, mike and i wanted to show you this video

are you smarter than a pre-kindergartener?

there's a new kindergarten test to get into elite nyc private schools, and it's pretty challenging. take the test here and post your result. 

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