22 November 2013

Starla was on D-listed

ignore that in-focus mess in the foreground and check out that blurry goddess back there.

she is a witness

dont tell her i told you. chances are she will never even see this. (shhhhhh)

Nsikan just got reblogged by Gawker

congrats nscience! (N)Science Watch: How to Kill a Seal

breaking news: katniss and stacy mctrace = disease twinsies

I've always thought I could have been Katniss. So what's the next best thing? Being besties with Jennifer Lawrence. I've now decided from this recent interview with David Letterman that she has Crohn's disease and GUESS WHAT?!? So do I!!!
sorry melissa i had to remove that autoplay video... love you!

we back pat

Want a candle that smells like Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Of course you do. But you can't, because they're already sold out. The online store Kentucky for Kentucky sells a line of candles called "Scents of the Commonwealth," and among such scents are Fried Chicken, Ale8 (?!) and Kentucky Derby. The initial 25 candles put on the site sold out in less than a minute. Then again, this Northerner is pretty sure there's some kind of rivalry between Kentucky and Tennessee, so maybe it's best to leave these candles off Joel's Xmas present list.

Oh and HIIIII! This is flim, Joel's ex-coworker and Joel's current Asian Best Friend.

The Definition Of Terror

Hi All, I'm M.S. De Angelis AKA Ms.Dangels and this is my first post for 2pz!!!
... and in this first post I would like to bring to your attention, dear reader, just one more terrifying thing that white people with money do for "fun."

Maybe it's just me but I find leaning a little too far back in my chair enough of a controlled thrill.

let's talk about Sasha Obama's ASOS unicorn sweater

adorbz. from tPaz
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