31 May 2016

hillary feature in nymag

did you know?

fortnightly boat

New York Harbor is not only one of the largest and busiest natural ports in the world, but also the most complex. State law requires any foreign ship, or American ship with foreign cargo, to be escorted into the harbor with one of their pilots.
The entrance to the harbor from the Atlantic is protected by two thin pieces of land that jut out into the water: Sandy Hook from New Jersey and Rockaway from Long Island. These narrow outreaches have shallow shores that make entering the bay tricky.
Henry Hudson ran into the Sandy Hook Bar, a barrier of sand built up on the seafloor by downstream currents, when he tried to come into the harbor in 1609. It took him three days to successfully get in and explore his namesake river. Hudson enlisted the help of men who held long, straight poles off the sides of ships to test the water’s depth. The men who were experts with these pijls, as they were called in the Dutch shipping days, were called pijl loads, a title that eventually became “pilot.” (via)
on a related note, i watched the finest hours last night. it was not great but i liked it anyway.

25 May 2016

straddle bus

not to be confused with the struggle bus.

brought to you by the chinese.

this is the part that i play on repeat


Bob the Drag Queen may have sissy walked off with the crown, but Kim Chi stole my heart.


song of the summer?

YBD: pig in a hailstorm


curly sue won the voice for team christina

no, for real.

I only found this out because I was trying to find a video of the Aguilera-Grande duet.

You know, Christina was supposed to duet with a hologram of Whitney Houston, but the Whitney Houston estate decided that the hologram didn't look good enough (side eye) so they replaced her with Ariana Grande.

hillary, ellen, and kate



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good news, looks like it was for the show.

24 May 2016

ok, you got me

the guy who made this is dead.


i hope someone recorded this convo


garbage, still at it.

do you like it? i think it seems fine.


"if a logo gets changed in the forest and no one is there to see it..."

michael beirut and jessica helfand discussing the new instagram logo and other stuff.

23 May 2016

20 May 2016

oldest embedded tweet on the internet



volunteer paula pell



happy friday

T.I. givin' us some aaliyah-cover vibez.

19 May 2016

skydive into neyland stadium

Thursday got me feeling Friday feelings

pulitzer-prize-winning television critic emily nussbaum on vanderpump rules

making some wonderful cross-cultural connections in this recent new yorker piece:
Beyoncé’s sumptuous adultery opera “Lemonade” came out the week that I began watching the Bravo reality series “Vanderpump Rules,” and it turned out to be an oddly appropriate soundtrack for the show. “What’s worse? Looking jealous or crazy?” Beyoncé croons in the video, swinging a baseball bat labelled “Hot Sauce.” “I really don’t want to cry off all this makeup I just put on,” a waitress named Scheana says on the show, struggling to compose herself for a photo shoot. “Something’s telling me I may or may not have a fake friend,” Ariana, another waitress, seethes, glaring over at Scheana.
I’d downloaded “Vanderpump Rules” onto my phone, so that I could watch the show’s four seasons more efficiently: on the F train, in line at the supermarket, and while drifting off to sleep, an approach that felt less like binge-watching than like inserting an I.V. of sangria. A humble spinoff of the sprawling “Real Housewives” multiverse, “Vanderpump Rules” revolves around the employees of SUR (an acronym for Sexy Unique Restaurant), a West Hollywood venue owned by Lisa Vanderpump, a longtime cast member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” which ended its sixth season last week. I’d fallen so far behind on that show, I’d never catch up. Rather than approach the intimidating portal of the original franchise, with its decade-long cross-series feuds, jail sentences, life-style brands, divorces, and handbag lines, I would sneak in through the servants’ entrance.

17 May 2016

looks like someone took a snap of Ms.Dangles eating lunch today

that's fine.

livin' her dream...?

how to deal with Tuesday, courtesy Whitley Gilbert

Marcel the shell with shoes on LOVES Captain America

and who the heck doesn't? My favorite sentence of this whole article: "Slate and her husband of three years, Dean Fleischer-Camp, announced their split last week, and “because one of us really wants to date Chris Evans” was the last reason I expected for their divorce". CTM

Read the whole article over at Jezebel.

these links make me want to s my p's and v in my m

hype. hype. hype.

here's vol bf jalen hurd running as fast as a cheetah.

13 May 2016


snaggletoothed kit kat.

read all about him here.

eating a watermelon basketball style, by this elephant

making an entrance, by RuPaul

did somebody put something DOWN here so i would FALL?!?!!

good eye, joel.

this happened.

that's meghan trainor and as far as i'm concerned she deserves every bad thing that happens to her.

10 May 2016


plz welcome...

06 May 2016

to help you get ready for this weekend

05 May 2016

very gay news

02 May 2016

"oh really"

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