06 August 2012

happy bearthdie, thomaswilhelm.

29 bears old...if you can believe that.

TWO much!

in other interspecies connections, this orphan baby wombat and orphan baby kangaroo SHARE THE SAME POUCH!!!

puppy wants to be besties with every dolphin


gawker hates lena dunham

and writes post to prove it. tastes like sour cherries.

omg yes plz!


seven minutes of terror

this shit happened last night and it is the craziest real life space stuff i have ever heard of.

aaliyah (feat. drake) - enough said

here's that collabo joel was telling you about. i'd be happy to have 10-15 more of these in my ears.


thx nscience!

UPDATE : fox news finds this sort of thing offensive.

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