13 September 2011

this is happening

breaking dawn full length trailer!

rockingchair panda is emBEARassed


holy hell that car was on top of that person UPDATE


update: dude survived with burns and broken bones, and filmed a little thank you video to his rescuers. he wasnt wearing a helmet. dummy.

good work anderson cooper, more like this

snooki takes anderson for a spray tan and gets him topless.


dakota and elle are radiant. bitches be white.

stringer bell, no!

please don't do this. everything was going so well.

LS-poo reveals pro combat uniforms


they'll be wearing these on october 22 when they play the auburn war eagles. what do y'all think?

'sgo vols!

1. Tennessee Volunteers coach Derek Dooley gushed about quarterback Tyler Bray's performance against the Cincinnati Bearcats as much as everyone else. But Dooley sounded just as pleased at the offense’s ability to drive downfield without self-destructing. All six of the Volunteers’ touchdowns in the 45-23 victory came on drives of at least 53 yards, and four of the six went at least 70. That’s the mark of a good team. “We give players of the week and on offense this week we gave it to the unit because everybody just played so well,” Dooley said. (via)
who's ready to drink some derek dool-ade on saturday!?!

what is royal doing?


just soooo sleeeepy..

thxsomuch jenny!

Bird on Bird MURDAH!

 Read this short article on crazy African birds! They lay their eggs in other birds' nests and  when they hatch they kill the host babies!


 football season is pretty much the only time i see commercials. this one is a keeper.

this happened in florida, oc.

the question was pretty retarded, but still. how embearassing.

"gators gonna hate" -djv

architects r dumb.

read this.

how am i supposed to feel tingly in my down-there?

thx ktv!
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