19 January 2012

completely unnecessary.

Australian graphic designer Cameron Booth has sketched out the U.S Numbered Highway System as if it were the London Tube. "Stylistically, the map definitely borrows from the London Underground 'Tube' map, although the final look is somewhat different due to the complexity of my map," Booth wrote by email. The map's detail only gets the justice it deserves in the high-resolution version available on Booth's Flickr account. (via)

backwards wednesdays

that doesn't seem fair...

the bark side

thx heather!

this song is the reason i am no longer in possession of my wallet.

and that's all i care to say about it right now.

the newest thing

For weeks Nike has been using a #makeitcount hash tag and a promise of something happening 1/19/12, and today is that day. It turns out they are rolling out a new wrist band called Nike+ Fuel that measures your activity all day long and allows you to:
a.) compare yourself to people in an online community.
b.) use a new set of data and metrics to improve your overall fitness and activity levels.
c.) have a sweet new light up bracelet.
and d.) feel terrible about yourself if you spend all GD day in an office looking at the interwebs...

secretive oil billionaires

 the more you know

  President Obama's first reelection ad has arrived, and it's set to hit airwaves on Thursday, January 19. The subject: Obama's energy record. The opponents: the Koch Brothers, whom Obama referenced as "secretive oil billionaires" at the very beginning of the 30-second spot. The narrator cites Obama's "unprecedented" ethics record before launching into a defense of his impact on energy and the environment. With a shot of the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity ad as backdrop, the one that suggests that Obama awarded contracts to now-defunct solar energy company Solyndra as a political favor, the narrator says that it's "not tethered to the facts.” According to the Times, the ad will run in battleground states like Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina, beginning Thursday. A little something for those folks to look forward to during 30 Rock.

oh, pat kiernan!

i dont know, i dont really leave brooklyn on the weekends...

josh brolin drops out of the gop race

Rick Perry is calling it quits.

ridin spinners

i dont care where you at the club parking lot the expressway whatever what i want you to do right now is just stop and let them keep spinning baby


Eastman Kodak files for bankruptcy. Thomas Wilhelm better stock urp on film for that dinosaur he wears around his neck.

nerd alert: time capsule

The MTA is shutting down the 7 train at Court Square for construction on Saturday. The stop is integral for both my and keekers commute.  I have thought and said some pretty hateful things about the MTA since I heard the news. Two days ago however, I received a sort of going away present. They have stripped the maps and adverts off the walls of the platform to reveal remnants of the days when graffiti writers wrote with relative impunity. When the MTA put up the maps and advertising boards, they didn't bother to paint over what was there, leaving these tags in a time capsule to be opened two decades later. As I was shooting these photos a train came into these station and the conductor called out to me, "That really is a blast from the past!"

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