29 August 2012

guess what this is.

a firework.
Earlier this month, David Johnson found himself at the International Fireworks Show in Ottawa, Canada. Johnson, being a photographer, wanted to capture images of the proceedings. Being a photographer, though, he also couldn't resist tinkering a bit with the explosive images before him. When Spain's delegation began its show, Johnson decided to try an experiment: He took long exposures, then adjusted his focus -- in the middle of the shot. (via)

it's coming.

click here if you'd like to know some spooky scary deets.

one way boat ticket to chlamydia

you will never believe what happens when this canoe full of tourists paddles past a koala bear.

get 'em gurl


who is cordarrelle patterson?

good question, i'm glad you asked. Corduroy Paddington Bear is a JUCO wide reciever originally from Kansas. he is a VOL now, and after Da'Freak decided to flaunt coach Dooley's rules, Corduroy has assumed a very valuable position. We will find out on Friday (at North Cool Beans) if he is up to the challenge, but I am going to preemptively name Corduroy Paddington Bear my favorite VOL of the 2013 season. Don't let me down!

Zach Rogers said: "He's ready for the lights to come on. I can tell it from practice every day. He'll be ready to go."

i think THIS is what hannah should be for halloween


Ohio Gov. John Kasich comes out to a Black Eyed Peas song, and then quotes Black Eyed Peas lyrics. "I've got a feeling, and it's not just because I like the Black Eyed Peas, that we're going to elect a new president." (via)

2 DAYS!!

if we just stay healthy, though.
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