12 January 2011

homemade crunchwrap supreme night!

you may have heard that there's a way to enjoy a delicious crunchwrap supreme in the comfort of your own home, using fresh ingredients. well, tonight, joel, liz herber, and i decided it was time to try it ourselves. let me tell you how we did it.
step 1 : put on some really great cooking music
step 2 : put a delicious mexican beer in your favorite koozie
step 3 : heat up some small corn tortillas in your oven. look really cute while doing so, or else they won't taste right. (note the amazing kitty card in background, compliments of thomas wilhelm)
step 4 : take a cup and make circle pieces out of a large flour tortilla. it is important that the cup be tennessee orange.
step 5 : chop up tomatoes, lettuce, and chicken breast. cook the chicken in a pan with any seasonings you might like! on a large flour tortilla, lay down some chicken, nacho cheese, and shredded mexi-mix cheese.
step 6 : place a crunchy warm small corn tortilla on top, spread some sour cream around on it, and top with chopped lettuce and diced tomatoes.
step 7 : cover with a flour tortilla cup-circle, and fold up bottom tortilla around, enveloping the deliciousness. slap it in a pan with a bit of oil and grill it up right.
step 8 : serve and enjoy with good friends!

you're welcome!

edificio sao vito :: sao paolo

Edifício São Vito, on the eastern edge of São Paulo's downtown. The 27 floor residential building was abandoned and then invaded by squatters. It is sometimes referred to as a vertical favela, and is nearly entirely covered in graffiti. via.

karl lagerfield's bookshelf. lurves it.


spotted on the streets of the west village

happy BEARthday starla

we love you soo much.

nashville snowball fight

#ArticBlast2011 Nashville Snowball Fight from Winston Hearn on Vimeo.

melissa played in the snow.

this summer's hit remix?

tom hanks' (other) son is a student at northwestern and an adorable rapper, "born and raised on the west side of the westside's main city LA." oh brother, this one's a real latoya jackson.

white and purple. white and purple. white and purple. white and purple. (gawker)

a little birdy told me...

...that a certain someone (who I will not name to protect the guilty) did not go to work today on account of the "snow storm" that was really just a few disappointing flurries. look at this NJ transit website screen capture (c2e):

there are no service cancellations! streets are plowed, the trains are on the fucking rails. a certain someone could have been at work by 8:08 am! what's your boss's email? i'm going to tell. on. you.
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