11 July 2014



i hope you're all following gawker's "new york's best restaurant is:" series.

the two best gawker writers, caity weaver and rich juzwiak have been doing this series where they go to touristy restaurants in the city and tell us what they're like. the latest one was an all-drinking feature at the restaurant in the 5th avenue tommy bahama's store. here's an excerpt:
Rich: This idea of yours made me wonder if you've been regarding me with jealousy during our "Best Restaurant in New York" excursions, since I generally get a drink (fine, two drinks) and you never do. Are you envious of my champagne-sipping lifestyle?
Caity: Absolutely not. I love Diet Coke. Diet Coke is my favorite thing to drink. My second favorite thing to drink, I have recently learned, is "Coconut Cloud Martini" from the Tommy Bahama store on 5th Avenue. That was the first cocktail I ordered this afternoon, and I remember it like it was yesterday.
joel and thomas wilhelm and i are going to go if anyone feels like joining?

words collide

sharon van etten was on #tspod!

oh thank g-d.

beyonce + jay-z are turning their "on the run" tour into an HBO special so all the poors can enjoy it. i'll host the viewing party.

peep the deblasio family's free pile in front of their house

It’s a junky free-for-all outside the de Blasios’ home

not very impressive - really wish chiara would donate her witch's hat.
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