18 September 2011

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somebody needs to keep an eye on this kid

Police in Berlin are asking for help in identifying a mysterious English-speaking 17-year-old who suddenly showed up at City Hall claiming he had been living in the woods for the past five years.

The teenager, who gave authorities his date of birth and a name — Ray — says he and his father entered the forest after his mother died, and have been living in tents and huts ever since.

He told police he began his trek back to civilization after his father passed away two weeks ago.

“Ray” says he doesn’t know his parents names, nor can recall anything about his life before the forest. “He can speak English very well, fluently in fact, but only speaks basic German,” said Berlin police spokesman Klaus Schubert. “It might be possible that he comes from Britain because he’s speaking English very fluently.”

A continent-wide appeal for assistance has been issued through Interpol after his description failed to match any missing persons report dating back to the late 1990s.

He is said to be physically fit, but may have experienced psychological trauma resulting in memory loss.


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