05 September 2014

my first fall friday staying until 6pm

She is the cutest little fatty you can imagine

a baby dwarf hippo named Olivia born in Sweden

julie klausner on joan rivers

she wrote a lovely piece about her experiences working with joan on several projects. it's touching.
It never once occurred to me that Joan Rivers could die. Like everyone else, I can’t remember a time in which she wasn’t around. Joan has always been in the cultural conversation; so much so that we took her for granted. She was always there, like Santa Claus or the New York Post, or the sun or the moon. The fact that she was 81 when she died seems irrelevant, even insulting to mention. Joan was ageless. She went out buzzing. (via)
julie re-posted the joan rivers episode of how was your week?, which was a sweet thing to do.

king of the shrimps!

look at this disgusting thing a fisherman pulled out of the ocean in florida.

3rd down for WHAT.

thx dale!!

UPDATE: you can get you one here.

it's here!!!!!!11111


David Thibault as ELVIS


For his facebook page click here and for the Graceland event this past January click here
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