30 January 2012

back to puppies.

here are some behind-the-scenes photos from this weekend's upcoming puppy joel (which will feature an all- new "piggy pep squad")!!

coincidentally, joel and i had a plan a few years ago to get pigs and name them puppy kylie and puppy joel.

nErD aLeRt!

rats! this competition somehow managed to get away from new york's hottest new design trio, whet cement (it's coming...). if you're wondering what our proposal was would've been like, close your eyes and picture this:

a giant red AIDS ribbon statue with a plaque reading: "if g-d gives you AIDS, make lemon-aids."

you're welcome.

here's the winning entry. it's ok, i guess.


the MTA's first late-night subway map.  hi-res verion.
The map has a gray background color to prevent confusion with the normal subway map. The New York City Subway is the only large subway or metro system in the world to maintain service to all its stations around the clock. The overnight service shown in the night map runs generally from midnight to 6 a.m., although certain lines’ overnight service patterns depicted in the map may begin or end slightly earlier or later than these times. The MTA has printed 25,000 copies of the map in tandem with its normal press run of a million copies of the standard subway and railroad map. (via)

puppy dog monday.


what is yella bear doing?

being a racist.

he did this to himself, btdubs. as a joke. against middle eastern women, it seems.

not funny, andrew jackson.

puppy party!!!


where would you rather be?

calzito update: should have listened to toops!

Max:  how was the calzito
me:  not very good, honestly
it's a lot of starch
me:  i think it needed more spice and less rice
it just should have been a calzone or a burrito
the pizzadillas were good as hell though
Max:  i can't wrap my head around the fact that the calzito is worse than the pizzadilla
me:  i know. I was surprised too.
the calzito looked so good. it was just so dense
Calzones are a lot of bread
and burritos are a lot of rice and this was both 
Max:  im gonna try a calzone with pad thai inside
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