01 June 2012

a propos of my last post


i think i get off work at 6pm

i proctored a geometry 1 exam today

here are three questions at random. answer in the comments. no binging.

1.) a cylinder has a height of 16 inches and a diameter of 12 inches. find the surface area. use pi and round to the nearest tenth?
a.) 2486.9
b.) 2110.1
c.) 829.0
d.) 527.5
e.) 157.75

2.) the hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle is 6 feet. to the nearest tenth, what is the length of each other leg of the triangle?
a.) 4.2
b.) 6.0
c.) 8.5
d.) 9.0
e.) 9.2

3.) angle A is an acute angle in right triangle ABC. if m∠A = 30 degrees, which of the following has a value of 1/2?
a.) sin A
b.) cos A
c.) sin B
d.) tan B
e.) cos B

memphis - the comeback

here comes honey boo boo child

guess who is getting her own show! via
take a look at all of THESE

happy friday! you're almost through another week.

bloomberg wants us all to be skinny and thirsty

the mayor wants no more soda's in NYC sold in containers over 16 oz, and the mayor gets what the mayor wants. i sincerely hope this doesn't apply to cherry icees. via.
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