06 May 2014

hey queens, the beach is back

Ft. Tilden is officially back open after hurricane sandy came in and messed it all up. go find your tank top, reserve a seat on the hipster school bus, and grab a few mar-GO-ritas and pina-GO-ladas from duane reade because it is time to get unsupervised. via

mother's day is just around the corner, and Ms. Dangles made this video so you would know exactly what book your mom is going to want to read

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ive got news

if you listen to How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner, or if you enjoy Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner, you are in good company. Amy Poehler is going to produce a new scripted comedy tv program for USA. in the future you should set your dvr for that so we can talk about it later.

i can't deal with this.

Ralphee the kitten has a neurological condition called feline cerebellar hypoplasia, which impairs her fine motor skills and ability to walk, making her what's affectionately known as a "wobbly cat." Fortunately, her buddy Max the cattle dog is always there to look out for her. (via)


MU$☝☾ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - FUTURE ISLANDS "Spirit" on Jimmy Kimmel

my fave song on the album:

Samuel T. Herring is beginning to remind me of those tangentially related male cousins or uncles that had a burn out of some kind in their youth and are now super sensitive and have a case of "forever heart brokenness." Ya know, they are cool to have a beer with in the garage at thanksgiving but after the second beer the convo starts getting a little too real - extreme political stances - the perfect women who got away - the dreams that are gone and will never return. 

they opened with "Doves"

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