25 September 2013

right again!

rape: it's your fault.

nErD aLeRt!

the nytimes is back with another hit-piece! today, they've launched a takedown of spanish architect, santiago calatrava, and after reading, i believe he needs to be STOPPED!
The Bridge of Broken Legs
In Bilbao he designed a footbridge with a glass tile surface that allowed it to be lighted from below, keeping its sweeping arches free of lampposts. But in a city that gets a lot of rain and occasional snow, pedestrians keep falling on the slippery surface. City officials say some 50 citizens have injured themselves, sometimes breaking legs or hips, on the bridge since it opened in 1997, and the glass bricks frequently crack and need to be replaced. Two years ago the city resorted to laying a huge black rubber carpet across the bridge.
“It loses the beauty, ” said Ibon Areso, the acting mayor of Bilbao. “But we can’t keep paying people who slip and fall.” In a recent storm the carpet flipped up, knocking several people off their feet. (via)

jimmy fallon, JGL, and stephen merchant in a lip-sync-off

i don't have a very high tolerance for a couple of these guys, but i couldn't help but smile through this.
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