02 September 2010

steely dan thursday!

steely dan - my old school
(this one goes out to all the raptors out there)

steely dan thursday!

steely dan - dirty work

i think there is an eagle in my parents backyard...

... ima go find it.

brb, eaglehunt.

steely dan thursday!

steely dan - deacon blues

this is funny.

and so is this:

thx melissa!

a million biscuits

you know how there are just some movies that you watch a million times and always have the same strong reaction. i was watching billy elliot today and thought about my top 5 million biscuit movies. in no particular order:

+billy elliot
+moulin rouge
+sister act

jeez melissa.

what is isabella doing?

wishin she wuz eatin yr lunch.

thx melissa

what is isabella doing?

"wishing she was eatin' my lunch!" -melissa

ugh! and being so gd cute i want to squeeze her to death sleep.

stream robyn's body talk part 2


oval office makeover...

... is far less thrilling than that of neyland stadium. tone on tone on tone? come on, this is the president of the united states' office, not the top executive at a conservative law firm in schenectady. i was looking for something a little less... safe?

i do like the rug with the quotes.

viral marketing

with a man in a bear costume. here.

bad news for the gulf of mexico

An oil rig 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico is still burning after an explosion around 9 a.m. this morning, according to the Coast Guard. There were thirteen people aboard the rig, which is owned by Mariner Energy, and all but one are now accounted for. Helicopters and planes are currently en route to aid survivors. [WDSU] via

well, i guess we're going to have to just get used to it.

guess whom else is a category 4...

category 4 wEiRdo!!

those puppies are a cat-5 tempest of FLUFF, though, amiright?!

guess whom's back up to category 4!

 140 mph!

#2 Neyland Stadium... update

you know she got a makeover. glorious.

thx craig

steely dan thursday!!

steely dan - peg
(aka top 5 fave songs of all time, don't click play unless you want to smile.)


here's an excerpt from this funny onion piece starla sent me:
NEW YORK—At 4:32 p.m. Tuesday, every single resident of New York City decided to evacuate the famed metropolis, having realizing it was nothing more than a massive, trash-ridden hellhole that slowly sucks the life out of every one of its inhabitants.
With audible murmurs of "This is no way to live," "What the hell am I doing here—I hate it here," and "Fuck this place. Fuck this horrible place," all 8.4 million citizens in each of the five boroughs packed up their belongings and told reporters they would rather blow their brains out with a shotgun than spend another waking moment in this festering cesspool of filth and scum and sadness.
By 5:15 p.m. there was gridlock traffic on the outbound sides of the Holland and Lincoln tunnels, and the area's three major airports were flooded with New Yorkers, all of whom said they wanted to go anyplace where the pressure of 20 million tons of concrete wasn't constantly suffocating them. (via)
you're gonna want to read the whole thing. it's pretty much dead-on.


the impossible begins at the 2:00 mark.

steely dan thursday!!

steely dan - hey nineteen

happy 90210 day!!!

get it?!?!

thx joey!

T.I. got paris hilton'd.

T.I. got arrested last night when a cop smelled pot comin' out his car winduhs. ;(

get that new album out before you have to go back to jail, ok?

football season starts today!

i just wanted to wish lightning and the rest of middle tennessee state university blue raiders good luck tonight in their game against minnesota!

and i want to wish lane kiffin, usc, and the ohio state suckeyes BAD luck. ;(

and go vols!

you need this

funions the pug

thx suzanne!

i really hope this works!

president barack obama joins eight predecessors (including clinton and w), in bringing together the leaders of israel and palestine to try to work things out. peace talks between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas will begin today.

previous negotiations between these two nations have failed every other time they've been attempted. so don't get your hopes up too high. but i think if anyone can pull it off, it's barack motherfucking obama.

i'll be crossin' mah fingers!

well, well, well.

yesterday, andy roddick lost in the second round of the us open. what a terrible disappointment. additionally, he got called for three foot-faults, prompting him to fly off the handle a little bit, arguing with the chair umpire, ridiculing a lineswoman, yelling, swearing, etc.

you may remember a similar situation at last year's open, involving black woman serena williams. she went bonkers after being issued a foot fault penalty (except hers was on match point in the semifinals). she was fined $82,500 and put on a two-year probation. roddick was not issued any penalty, and the lineswoman was replaced, rendering this shit sexist / racist.

goooooo john isner!

2 DAYS!!!!!!!

originally purblished in august 2009.

omg less than 48 hours!!!!!!

10. the pride of the southland marching band
9. smokey
8. rocky top
7. the color orange
6. eric berry
5. trash talking
4. lane kiffin derek dooley
3. tailgating
2. neyland stadium!!

ever been in a room with 108,000 people, most of them dressed in volunteer orange? i have. and it's just flat out exhilirating. there's no two ways about it. there's only one place in the world where such a dreamscape is possible, and that's neyland stadium.
situated on the banks of the mighty tennessee river, she serves as a beacon of hope and light for all passing vessels. the stadium was first built in 1921, and consisted only of what is now the lower level of the west stands.

"In 1962, the stadium was renamed Neyland Stadium in honor of former athletic director and coach General Robert Neyland. Neyland, the man credited with making the Vols a national football power, coached the team from 1926–1952, with two interruptions for military service."

this year, construction is wrapping up on the latest of many expansions. unfortunately, they've gone and uglied up a lot of it. one exception is the beautiful new locker rooms (click that, trust me). 11 biscuits!! thankfully, only a small portion of the magic possessed by this place lies in its architecture.

upon entering this glorious cathedral, one's very essence is set ablaze by the fire of tennessee pride. remember that volunteer pride-opus i told you about? well, he lives here. and he loves you. as you step through the vomitory (thx bun-bun) and into the stadium, your eyes darting this way and that, taking in the faces of the thousands of comrades that surround you before finally settling on the breathtaking checkerboard endzones, you can literally feel his eight arms holding you tightly.

there are a few things that must be experienced in person, in this venue, in order to say that you've even lived a drop of life:

the power-t marching up the field
smokey leading the team through "the T" (drunken hollerin' included. here we go! WOO!)
a post-touchdown round of rocky top (that's joel singing)

...just to name a few. i guess what i'm trying to say is that neyland stadium is basically the mecca of college football. as in you'll go to hell if you don't visit it before you die. i don't make the rules...

just sayin'. go there. this weekend if possible! you'll love it!

V.... O... L.... S....

V! O! L! S!

GO! VOLS! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

right, dave?

bonus links:
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time-lapse of a ut-georgia game

have you ever dreamed of a never-ending puppy?

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