02 March 2011

daily ri ri

here is your daily rihanna news round-up:

+ rihanna is supposedly in the running to star in the new bodyguard reboot. depending on who you listen to, beyonce, jennifer hudson, rihanna, taylor swift, and miley cyrus are all being considered. didn't i post about this like a year ago? who can remember! we should wait and see how battleship turns out before we rush to make ri ri rachel marron.

+ rihanna and ciara had a brief internet feud. ciara threw some shade ri ri's way on some e! news fashion show, and rihanna responded via twitter. she made some comment about how ciara basically doesnt have a career anymore, then they patched things up.

+ rihanna also took to twitter to ask her fans what her next single should be from LOUD. i think its time that "complicated" was given some attention.

+ congrats to ri ri for becoming only the fourth artist in history to amass over a billion youtube views. can you guess the other three?

the internet is loaded with lost teddy bear pics

reminds me of a certain toy story 3 character.

read this nicki minaj interview

things nicki does not want to talk about : her ass, her beefs, her grandmother.

read it

daphne guiness at london fashion week


jicyc : the ipad 2 is being announced right now.

nytimes is live-blogging.

what are your 2Pz contributors doing this summer?

ridin' boats to each others' houses! starting in june, there will be ferry service between the following waterfront neighborhoods : long island city (bun-bun), greenpoint (kylie), williamsburg (joel), brooklyn heights (thomas wilhelm + g.animalz), and the financial district (starla)!
Under the plan, ferries will travel along a seven-stop route that stretches from Long Island City, Queens, to the Fulton Ferry landing by the Brooklyn Bridge, and includes Manhattan terminals at Pier 11 in the financial district and East 34th Street. During peak hours, boats will arrive at each stop every 20 minutes and travel in both directions. (via)
in the summer it will also include pier 6 at the base of atlantic avenue, and will continue to govies island on fridays! bikes allowed, jicyww.

toot toooOOOOoOOoOOOoooooTTttT!! thx midge.

animal sneak attacks!

well, just sneak-a-pixies really. check out this smithsonian website, cataloguing images from several motion-activated "camera traps" around the world. there are puppies and kitties everywhere! you can search by species or location. (via)

g.animalz, click this.
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