28 March 2011

would you like a reason to like coach cuonzo?

i spent this time some afternoon learning a little bit more about our new basketvol coach, and while we haven't had much time to grieve, i think i'm ready to give him a chance. look how sweet he is! this blurg post makes a good case.

he's a former college and professional player and a kancer survivor. here he is accepting the award for best coach in the MVC, which i guess is some kind of basketball conference. anyway, a big orange welcome! (don't mess this up.)

what only adults should be listening to.

don't worry, deej. it's been ok for a while.

what the kids are listening too

I know I'm supposed to hate him, and I do. I do, but this song is hot as heeeeeel.

oh land : white nights (on a couch)

i fought it as long as i could. i'm hooked.

nerd alert!

A Portuguese guy named Eduardo Souto de Moura won this year's Pritzker Prize. I always thought that Stadium was pretty cool.

please welcome...

the new bruce pearl!

his name is cuonzo martin, and that's all i care to know about him.

i want a bamboobike.

In short, a team of Project M cyclists will depart from Greensboro, AL this summer and journey across the United States on Common Cycles built with Alabama bamboo to talk about the power of design and the awesomeness of bamboo. (via)

thx ktv.
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