08 April 2011

always trust alec baldwin

the yankees are playing the red sox in boston right now. the red sox haven't won a single game all season long! (they're 0-6). the game is tied at 6-6 at the moment, but i'm confident those beanbags will still be 0-9 after this weekend. GO YANKEES!!

this could be yours

and i also learned that nickelodeon's going to start re-running some of their other 90s classics between midnight and 2am, sometime soon.

worshippin', worshippin', yeah!

i love her inaudible low notes.

great start, rickie!

2Pz fave golfer, rickie fowler, finished at 2-under in the first round of the masters:
Seeing as how this is Fowler's Masters debut, that score is probably more even more impressive than it looks. To put a little perspective on it, McIlroy managed just an even 72 in his first Masters appearance in 2009.

It took some time for Fowler to find his stride today. His score stood at two-over heading into the par-4 14th, and Fowler then proceeded to birdie four of the last five holes.

In addition to this being Fowler's first Masters, this is also just his fifth major tournament. The 22-year-old Anaheim native made his major debut at the U.S. Open in 2008, and his best showing came at least year's Open Championship, where he finished tied for 14th.
he only wears orange on sundays, jicyww.

bonus link : top 10 worst dressed golfers

Bieber. Barcelona. Balones (Balls).

Hola y'all¡¡¡¡

It's been decades since I posted my first and last entry on the blog, but now that it's been almost a whole year since I moved to Madrid, I have my ideas much clearer as your El Espanish Correspondente. If my English has suffered since I left sweet, sweet NY - then tough shit. Learn Spanish. I'll help¡¡¡

To start things off again, I'd like to drop this piece of hot news in your pipe: Justin Bieber in pistachio-colored short shorts and tight-tee, kicking balls with his left foot and spittin' spit like a real Barça player. See below. The team let him in to their morning training sesh so he could roll around on the wet grass and touch Piqué (Shakira's new boyfriend). As Bieber takes over Spain, he's gained the title "el estrella de pop" - that means pop star. But when you first read it, you automatically think it means lesbian.

Anyway, glad to be around again, and let's see when the new post will be¡¡ I'll bring you something more exciting than a little dyke running around in shorts. Os lo prometo¡¡

Un abrazo¡¡¡

1992 Friday

Kriss Kross - Jump by lulupopstar

This little song from two little boys was #1 for a whopping 8 weeks. 1992 you crazy.

have you heard of hunkamania?

maybe we can get starla to write a 2pz review after she goes there tonight.

it's 1992 friday!!!!!!11

presenting....1992's greatest musical contribution....TLC!!!

bonus links: TLC's other 1992 hits, baby-baby-baby and what about your friends. so colorful!

rip left-eye. ;(
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