09 January 2014

big tobi's 2014 resolution

to let himself be loved.

the right way.

new television i'm probably going to watch

Thrift Hunters on Spike TV debuts Jan. 18 at 9:30. On Spike. You know, TV for dudes?

Now, I know these shows are a dime a dozen, but this one is of particular interest to me since I do this kind of thing as a hobby/2nd income. Humiliatingly, I belong to some thrifting Facebook groups and some people are all nervous that the Thrift Hunters are going to spoil all the secrets for everyone. I'm OK with it as long as no one goes to my secret thrifting hidey holes. 

ole miss plays auburn tonight.

This happened last time the two met. unfortunately, everyone's [least]favorite rebel is on the bench.

there's so much good in this gif, but i think the old guy is my favorite.

you heard it here second...

Coach James Franklin has forsaken Vanderbilt for a
new job at Penn State. espn says so

new television i'm probably going to watch

the spoils of babylon starts tonight on IFC.
The six-part series, which begins on Thursday night on IFC with two half-hour episodes, is a broad parody of those overblown mini-series of yore in which wealthy clans lived vapid lives full of steamy melodramatics. It is from Adam McKay and Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die shop and features Mr. Ferrell as Eric Jonrosh, an overweight author who introduces each episode, Orson Welles-like, explaining the torturous history of his efforts to bring his “Spoils of Babylon” novel to the small screen.
Tim Robbins is amusing as Jonas Morehouse, the patriarch of an oil-rich clan that includes his daughter, Cynthia (Kristen Wiig), and a young man named Devon (Tobey Maguire), whom Jonas quite literally finds on the side of the road in West Texas in 1931 and welcomes into the family as a son. Cynthia and Devon have the hots for each other, and decades’ worth of preposterous complications result. Val Kilmer, Jessica Alba, Haley Joel Osment and other fairly well-known stars turn up to nudge the story along. (via)
it looks weird, but you can't not watch with all those people in it.

new television i'm probably going to watch

True Detectives on HBO, starring Woody from Cheers and T-Rex Arms McConaughey. I read this review and now I'm probably going to watch. Soupy Sundays (make soup on Sunday and watch tv with your friends).


inspired by kid fury. here's a helpful playlist with explicit versions ONLY.

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