17 January 2012

for thomas wilhelm.

lunchtime celebrity sighting

im using the term celebrity pretty loosely here, but i did just see kenny from real world / road rules challenges walking his dog. the best part (besides his blue eyes) was that the dog was wearing a raincoat, and kenny stopped to put the puppy's hood up so water wouldnt drip onto his little head.

then a little bit of internet sifting led me straight to THIS. PUPPY IN COAT.

i feel like this can't be real.

your fortnightly boat.

did y'all hear about this?
A luxury cruise liner, the Costa Concordia, ran aground off the coast of Tuscany, killing at least six people and forcing some 4,200 people on board to evacuate. (via)

metronomy : the bay

i heard this album for the first time three weeks ago, and it's been on repeat since.

and speaking of obamas...

it's the FLOTUS's bearthdie today!

happy birthday, gurl!

sign her card up for emails from the obama campaign!

who knew.

Barack Obama, 28, photographed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for Vanity Fair’s June 1990 issue, after being elected president of the Harvard Law Review. (via)

another new music all the tweets are about

what are erin and i doing tonight?

(thx 2 starla)


oh great, y'all.

paula deen has type 2 diabetes


i never expected it to be any better than this. but i'm still surprised.

also, this.


fashion puppies!

these two are named vanilla and tabasco, and there are three more. thx liz!

my new favorite art piece.

i saw it at the brooklyn museum this weekend. it's called:

"The Reprimand. Ah! You Naughty Fawn, You Have Been Eating the Flowers Again." (1852) by arthur fitzwilliam tait

and it is my new phone background. it's hard to see in this image, but the naughty fawn has a ribbon leash and and a couple of rose petals in his mouth!


wanna see a video of that billboard falling on the BQE by our house this weekend? be careful, it's in polish.


that is all.

NeRd AleRT

Friend of Toops Lindsay brought this installation to my attention. Korean Do Ho Suh set thousands of plastic figurines in resin support this plexi floor. read more here

well that's a crazy idea

 Baz Luhrmann’s forthcoming The Great Gatsby is in 3-D. Did you know that? The nyt is talking about how directors are using 3-D technology to create a "new sense of intimacy" rather than just be a special effect that shows 'splosions or Freddy Kreugers claw hand coming to get you. I'm all for being more involved in the movie going experience, BUT i hate wearing those dang goggles... Stay tuned to this blurg for the trailer and come to the movie with me next Christmas!

new music tuesday

azealia banks - needsumluv (via)

sleigh bells - comeback kid (via)

a$ap rocky - celebration

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